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Wade Rhoden makes Vogue



As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to gather momentum in the United States, the fashion industry has been roped into the fight against systemic racism. For the past week, the hashtag #VogueChallenge has been going viral on social media as black models and photographers put forward their work as covers of the widely popular American fashion magazine Vogue.

With many Jamaicans lending their voices to the fight against racism from the onset, it perhaps came as no surprise when it was discovered that a Jamaican model and photographer (Abihail Myrie and Wade Rhoden) were participants in the popular social media challenge. But what has come as a shock to many, is the fact that the cover submitted by these Jamaican talents has become one of the most popular images in the challenge.

In an exclusive interview with The Gleaner, fashion photographer Wade Rhoden expressed that although he usually shys away from social media challenges, he decided this one was worth his time because of the message it was sending.

“I am really more of a phantom on social media. There isn’t much of my physical presence on Instagram, it’s more of my work. But I got constant messages from people saying, ‘Why yuh do not enter,’ even from family members. My little brother was telling me that out of all of the challenges on social media, this one was something he felt I had to do. I looked at it and I said you know what, this one actually makes some sense,” he said. “Not only was it good PR, but the cause was good. It’s in line with the whole Black Lives Matter thing because as you know, Vogue is a magazine that is completely white-washed, that’s not a secret. This challenge was brought forward to show that black people can make the covers too, and it can be good-quality, top-notch productions.”

He said the challenge hit close to home because as a black man, he can relate to being underserved and under-represented because of the colour of his skin, especially in the fashion industry.

“As a black person, I have a responsibility to bring awareness to issues affecting my race in any way that I can. This was my two cents to help the movement. We want to show the fashion industry that we are good enough,” he said. “The racial issue has been an ongoing one; it nuh take nothing much to see that it still exists, especially in the fashion world. Black people don’t really hold positions of power in the industry. The first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover was Tyler Mitchell in 2018 when he photographed Beyonce. It took a black person of power to insist on the inclusion of a black person on that shoot. If Beyonce wasn’t Beyonce, she couldn’t have asked for that,” he said.

According to Rhoden, Vogue is now seeing that black content creators are just as capable of producing work that is in keeping with their standards. He is especially proud to be a part of the movement as he believes the covers are consistent with the standards of Vogue but with black models and black photographers.

Rhoden, who has been in the field of fashion photography for 10 years, says the ball is now in Vogue’s court to change the fashion narrative.

“ Vogue has a following, you can’t go round it. They have a certain amount of global traction, a cult following, and that following is not just made up of white people, and so they have a duty to cater to all people from all races,” he said.

“The quality of the entries were just as good as any of the Vogue covers, and I’m pretty sure that the majority of these images were created with half the budget it takes to produce a Vogue cover. We created the same aesthetic with less money and less resources as black people, and it has the same look and feel. That just goes to show how resourceful we are as black people. We ‘tun we hand make fashion’ is not just a saying for us, it’s a lifestyle.”

– Jamaican Gleaner


PRESS VIDEO: Adrienne Nicole Addresses Viral Sextape Involving DBlack [WATCH]



Adrienne Nicole the Woman in leaked Sextape with Ghana Rapper DBlack speaks out after video went viral. Adrienne Nicole is a Philanthropist and American Politician who lives a private quite personal life. Since this video has went viral, she has been devastated.

About a week ago Adrienne lost her phone at the airport while traveling. Then a few days later on Monday September 14, 2020. Adrienne started receiving messages from an individual demanding money and if not paid they would start posting personal pictures and videos of her and the Ghana Celebrity. Adrienne Nicole ignored the attempts at extortion and instead reported to local authorizes. Within 48 hours the individual contacted Adrienne Nicole again demanding payment by end of day or they would start releasing videos of her and her Ex-Boyfriend (Ghanaian Celebrity, DBlack).

Again, Adrienne Nicole did not respond and forwarded the 2nd correspondence to authorities as well. Then within hours the sextape was leaked online and has since been posted and shared thousands of times across the internet. Due to the overwhelming response to the leaked videos she made a complaint to cyber security team to take down the visuals from the internet.    Adrienne Nicole and her team further reached out to news/media and social platforms reporting the videos and asking them to take them down but as soon as a video is taken down, more popup.

We spoke to Adrienne Nicole who has since went dark on social media and she had this to say:

“I have no idea how to handle this. This feels like a crazy dream. I cannot believe someone would do this to me and my Ex. There are hundreds of pictures and videos of him and I, on that phone and I don’t know what to do if more are released.

Those were private moments and memories. We broke up and were taking a break but I never seen anything like this happening! This was a personal part of my life never meant to be shared with the World and I am still processing what’s happening to me right now” – Adrienne Nicole.

Adrienne Nicole is now working with her local authorities and local Ghanaian authorizes to get the videos taken down and keep any more videos from being leaked. See her video statement below. Anyone who needs to assist in this or reach out locally to Adrienne can contact her Ghanaian Publicist, Elorm Beenie on +233266633090.

Here is how she detailed everything in a video;

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Arts & Culture

Watch: Bibie’s Song ‘Tout Doucement’ Performed On The Voice Kids 2020 – France



The Voice Kids – France resumed its seasonal auditions airing on Saturday, 13th, September on TF1(Television France 1) nationwide. A young contestant by the name, Chloè perfomed ‘Tout Doucement’ an iconic song originally wonderfully interpreted and made famous in the 80’s by Bibie also known as (Bibie Brew) a renowned Ghanaian, French international singer known to French audiences worldwide.

Bibie is reputed for making this very beautiful evergreen song ‘Tout Doucement’ a massively successful smash hit in France and French territories: Europe, Africa, Asia and the America’s (North and South). Her songs are known literally every where the French language and culture is spoken and lived. ‘Tout Doucement’ sold over 1 million copies in less than 3 months of its maiden release in 1985, remained top of the hit parade for weeks on the French International music sales and is still selling and played today.

Bibie is Ghana’s first female singer to be internationally recognized by her incredible success in record sales at the time and a natural popularity in France and Europe till now. She’s also the first Ghanaian female artist to sell a million copies of a song internationally. Bibie is a household name in France and loved by a very wide French audience worldwide. She is not only considered as a legend due to her iconic song and six French albums that followed over her 35 year career as a performing and recording artist in France – she is an outstanding contribution to the popular French music culture and also to the developing Creative Industry of Africa.

Since 2007 in Ghana, Bibie founded the New Morning Arts Café & Creative Centre where she dedicates her years of experience and gift of music mentoring, coaching and assisting in the development of African talents. Though very discreet about her life, Bibie’s contributions as a Ghanaian and African international artist in the music industry in general is very notable. Thank you Bibie for your amazing legacy to the creative arts and thank you France for celebrating our African music legend.

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MTN Donate 88, 000 Face Masks To Healthworlers To Boost “Wear It For Me” Campaign



MTN Ghana Foundation is donating over 88,000 KN95 face masks to health workers in regional and selected district hospitals across the country.

The face masks will be presented to health workers in 31 health facilities in the 16 regions of Ghana. This initiative is aimed at supporting MTN’s bid to promote the wearing of masks and support health workers across the country during this pandemic.

The face masks will be donated to the following institutions – Dambai Hospital, Jasikan District Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Abrafi Hospital, Goaso District Hospital, Hwediem Government Hospital, Sunyani Regional Hospital, Bodomase/Kwatire Health Center, Nalerigu Hospital, Walewale Hospital, Damongo Hospital, Salaga Hospital, Wiaso Government Hospital, Bekwai Metro Hospital, Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Esikado Community Hospital, Ho Teaching Hospital, Aflao Government Hospital, Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Koforidua Regional Hospital, and Atua Government Hospital.

The rest are Kumasi South Hospital, Bekwai Hospital, Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, Central Regional Hospital – Winneba, Tamale Teaching Hospital, Saboba Government Hospital, Bolga Regional Hospital, Bongo District Hospital, Wa Regional Hospital and Jirapa Hospital.

Commenting on the donations, the Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana, Mr. Samuel Koranteng said, “During this pandemic, we have acknowledged that protecting our health workers is paramount. Health workers use a lot of face masks in and out of the hospitals and we are delighted to be able to provide additional face masks for them”.

“The donation also gives meaning to our Masks campaign dubbed #WearItForMe and Be Wise. We want to emphasize the need for people to wear their face masks everywhere they go”.

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in Ghana, the MTN Ghana Foundation has supported Ghanaians with some interventions to lessen the impact of the pandemic and to keep us all safe. MTN donated GHc5 million worth PPEs to National Covid 19 Trust fund. Again, the Foundation donated essential equipment to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research to enable rapid testing and data processing.

For over twelve years now, the MTN Ghana Foundation has been instrumental in supporting national development efforts through conscious investments in the areas of Education, Health and Economic Empowerment. Over USD 15,207,874.19 has been invested in about 150 projects across the country. These projects are estimated to have impacted over 4 million people.

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Arts & Culture

Abeiku Santana, First National Bank And Others Join WWII Veteran Joseph Hammond On His Last Walk



During the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana, Abeiku Aggrey Santana and his partners Derrick Cobbinah, Africa’s Project Officer for the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League and CEO of Forces Help Africa and GUBA Foundation supported and brought to light the activities of WWII veteran Joseph Hammond who recorded a walk of 14 miles in a week as part of a fundraiser to support Africa’s front-line workers.

The 95-year-old Ghanaian World War II veteran walked 3.2 kilometres (two miles) each day to reach his target on Africa Day in Accra and raised almost £43,000.

This gesture by this noble man went viral in the international media including Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, DW, France 24 and Washington Post. It also attracted a number of corporations and individuals to reciprocated the goodwill and stretch their arm of support to the veteran. 

Today, the First National Bank that launched ASPIRE (Accelerated Support for Pandemic Intervention and Relief Effort) a fews months ago to assist government and its stakeholders in mitigating the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has donated an amount of Ghc 12,000 (Twelve Thousand Ghana Cedis) to Mr Hammond. Speaking to a session of the media, Mr Dominic Adu, the first Ghanaian CEO of the bank said they were proud to be a part of his last walk and to share in his story, it is their fervent hope and prayer that First National Bank will look back in the future and also tells their story as the best bank that ever existed in Ghana.

Consequently, Ghanaian Billionaire, Philanthropist and Prince of Africa, Nana Kwame Bediako proudly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar and his New Africa Foundation who has been showing a greater level of generosity amidst the covid19 pandemic also donated a fully furnished house to Veteran Joseph Hammond who lived 75years of his life in his family home in Accra to support him. 

WO1, Joseph Hammond who was inspired by the story of Captain Tom Moore becaming a national hero in the United Kingdom for raising 33 million pounds ($40m) to help NHS before turning 100 was full of praise to the Philanthropist and the First National Bank and thank them for leading the path, he admonished selfishness in the Ghanaian populace and urged us to continue to support the less privileged in anyway we can. 

Other veterans including Russia’s Zinaida Korneva(97) and British’ Dabirul Choudhury(100) also has bagged similar stories of success for their yeoman’s job.

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