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Stay Comfortably Cool With The New Samsung Air Conditioners



Samsung air conditioners are recognised as world-leading products, having won various global awards for design, advanced performance, and a focus on protecting the environment. More importantly, they continue to provide many homes in Africa a higher level of comfort that puts your family’s health first and even includes intelligent features such as the Triple Protector Plus, which protects you from power surges. This focus on human-centred technologies and cutting-edge innovations in design and technology, ensures that the Samsung range continues provide advanced cooling for a better life.

Samsung, our goal is to develop aircons designed for the way we live now – a
range that blends modern design with innovative new technologies,” said Dudu
Mohholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Central Africa. “With these
products, we’re giving our consumers the ability to choose from several ways to
make their homes more comfortable and healthier.”

Samsung range includes the AR3000, AR4500, AR5500 and AR7500. It includes
pioneering features such as:

Fast Cooling

•           This feature rapidly
reaches the desired temperature, so you feel comfortable faster

•           Fast Cooling mode
operates with the fastest fan speed, before slowing down

•           It cools or heats much
faster and reaches the desired temperature in the shortest time

•           It’s ideal for immediate
relief from the heat outside

HD Filter

•           This amazing filter
prevents fine dust particles and allergens from spreading out in the air

•           It makes sure that the
air you breathe is always cleaner and fresher

•           The HD Filter is really effective at
capturing dust, airborne contaminants and allergens, such as    pollen, mould spores and pet dander

•           And it’s also washable,
so all you need to do is give it a quick rinse in water and then reuse it

Good Sleep

•           This mode creates the
ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep

•           Simply select Good Sleep mode and it
automatically controls the temperature in the room to create the ideal
conditions for each stage of the sleep cycle

•           In the process, it
continually fine-tunes the temperature without anyone being aware of it

•           So you gain precious
minutes of sleep and feel fully refreshed and ready for new day

•           And it also uses less
energy than normal cooling

2-Way Auto Swing

•           This feature automatically controls
the air flow direction, to evenly distribute cool/warm air for max comfort

•           You can create a
comfortable environment with an even temperature in every corner

•           It automatically
controls the air flow direction – quickly and evenly distributed across the

•           It can expel cool or
warm air further and in every direction to ensure maximum comfort

DuraFin™ Plus

•           This maintains the
performance and efficiency of the Heat Exchanger

•           You can stay comfortably
cool for much longer with the DuraFin™ Plus

•           The long-lasting Ocean Fin is
designed with corrosion-resistant material to powerfully protect the condenser
from rusting

•           This helps to maintain
the optimal performance and efficiency of the Heat Exchanger

•           You can enjoy cool clean
air all the time without worrying about your air conditioner wearing out


One of the most innovative features in the range is Wind-Free™. Samsung’s
original Wind-Free™ airconditioner was an instant hit upon its launch. The new
generation Wind-Free™ airconditioner takes innovation to a new level. This
includes energy saving of up to 77% than Fast Cooling and an intelligent
assistant that notes your absence from a room and automatically adjusts to
energy saving mode. It’s purification system also ensures cleaner air and a
healthier environment. Ultimately, Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™ Cooling
technology provides you with a cool indoor climate without the discomfort of
direct cold airflow

There is no doubt you can now discover a new way of life that is cool, fresh and convenient. Depending on your specific budget and air-conditioning needs, whether you choose the AR3000, AR4500, AR5500 or the AR7500, you have a breath of fresh air that makes life effortlessly better.


Facebook To Open Its Second African Office In Lagos, Nigeria



Facebook is set to open its second Africa office in Lagos in the second half of 2021, after it opened its first Africa office in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015., which will house a cross-section of Facebook teams from sales, policy, and communications to engineering. It is the company’s latest commitment to Nigeria—Africa’s largest internet market, after it opened a hub space in partnership with Co-Creation Hub, a leading Nigerian startup accelerator, in 2018.

It is essentially a major play for talent and proximity to an important, fast-growing market—and it is not happening in isolation: Google and Microsoft have grown their local presence in Nigeria over the past decade. In fact, Microsoft’s moves have included a $100 million commitment to build software development centers on the continent and employ 500 African developers by 2023.

With more Nigerians using Facebook than anywhere else on the continent and the suite of high-ranking executives at Facebook’s global offices being a ringing endorsement, Facebook is moving closer to where the talent is. Nigeria ranked among the fastest growing developer communities in Africa last year.

The global tech giant is in the business of serving and monetizing eyeballs, hence a more hands-on operation in Nigeria, and across Africa, and being closer to the world’s fastest-growing population of young people is a shrewd move. Africa’s population, already the youngest in the world, is expected to triple by 2100 while the rest of the world shrinks. And Nigeria will play a key role in that growth spurt by becoming the second most populous country in the world, ahead of China.

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The Best Just Got Better; Introducing Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV Range



In 2019, the Samsung QLED TV range received
universal praise for its innovative display quality, sound, design and numerous
pioneering features. This year Samsung added a welcome twist to an incredible
story. With the 2020 QLED range, the best just got better. You
can now turn
the ordinary into the extraordinary with immersive sound, endless detail,
minimalist design and unrivalled technology. This is Samsung’s most complete
television ever. This is no surprise coming from the brand
leading the way across the world and acclaimed by experts.

“Our goal is to continue Samsung’s unparalleled legacy of providing
leading TV viewing experiences by combining the advantages of our
next-generation displays with AI technologies, immersive technologies and
breath-taking sound quality – a personalised journey that turns a TV into a
series of incredible adventures,” said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at
Samsung Central Africa.

Any great movie has an equally great trailer. Below are the highlights
that showcase the greatest QLED in show-stopping action:

  • Long-lasting, burn-in free picture
    quality with brightest and most vibrant colours
  • Brightest colour and true
    details with anti-reflection at night or day for Movies, Sport and Gaming
  • Rich surround sound with 6 speakers
    firing from top, bottom and sides
  • Sleek and elegant design, which
    creates an immersive cinematic experience

This is a TV
that will change your expectations of what a TV can do

QLED offers an unparalleled visual and auditory adventure from the
comfort of your living room. Available in 4K or 8K and from 43″ to 85””, the QLED series
was designed with options to fit any space and budget. It’s simply a matter of
choosing your viewing pleasure:

  • QLED 4K features stunning
    scenes with 8 million pixels – that’s four times the pixels of Full HD
  • QLED 8K offers unreal clarity
    with 33 million pixels – that’s 16 times the pixels of Full HD

jaw-dropping detail and resolution – Real 8K resolution with Quantum Processor

With QLED’s brightest and vibrant colours, you can choose to watch
everything in 8K by advanced AI upscaling. Feel the power of every frame with
33 million pixels and a resolution four times that of 4K. Quantum Processor 8K
ensures you always have 8K, no matter the source quality of the original content

Get even
closer to the action with dynamic sound that tracks the story

We all know that action movies with amazing sound arrangements provide
the most realistic experiences when experienced at movie theaters. So how can
this realism be recreated in the home? Samsung’s sound developers came up with
Object Tracking Sound+ technology, in which sound follows movement onscreen
through six speakers built into the TV.Thanks to this technology, a video’s
audio follows the action on-screen in real time. When a car moves from the left
to the right-hand side of the screen, so will the sound it makes; and when a
heavy object drops from the top to the bottom of the screen, so will the audio.
Doesn’t that sound good.

maximum picture, minimum distraction – Infinity Screen

You can now push your viewing experience to the limit with a
nearly-invisible bezel. In the flagship Q950TS-series, black edges are shrunk
to almost nothing, and an ultra-slim frame removes any distractions so you can
get a more immersive viewing experience. Explore the magic of Infinity Screen², a truly bezel-free design that removes any distractions
for the most immersive TV experience.

Be the star of the

QLED Smart TVs, powered by Tizen, makes it easier to find the content you
love with personalised recommendations. It’s time to discover TV designed just
for you. Want to watch what’s on your TV and your smartphone on the same screen?
With MultiView, you can. Whether it’s live stats for sports or cheat videos for
games, simply connect your phone and dual-screen like never before. To make
sure you’re always in control, the TV is powerfully integrated and simple to
use.  The 2020 Samsung TV also comes with
a brand-new feature for mirroring your phone’s screen. Tap view feature allow
phone’s screen to be displayed on your TV so you can enlarge photos, show
friends a video, or maximize a spreadsheet for easier viewing. Set up Tap view
in the SmartThings app and on your TV to start transferring your phone’s screen
with a simple touch.

Take Control

Ultimately, QLED puts the power in your hands. With the Samsung OneRemote
you have effortless access and control. Devices that are automatically
recognised by QLED can be easily controlled—no need for separate remote
controls. But the power doesn’t stop there. You can also do amazing things
through’s Samsung’s Intelligent virtual assistant – Bixby3. You can
ask Bixby for show recommendations, make quick title searches or control
connected devices. Bixby knows what you like and makes sure you don’t miss out
by suggesting shows you’re interested in but might not be watching at the
And because we live in a connected world, you’ll enjoy your SmartThings Dashboard, where you can put all of your connected devices on
one screen. Simply set up the QLED SmartThings Dashboard to receive
notifications as well as monitor and control your other smart home devices.
With all this digital magic you’ll start to feel like anything is possible.

This year,
Samsung has created truly unrivaled flagship TVs that give new meanings to
picture perfection. With the 2020 QLED, the best just got better.

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TV When Turned On, Art When Turned Off; Samsung Launch The Frame TV



most admired tech brand has announced the launch of TV that is bound to fill
your own home with many admiring glances1 . The Frame 2020 is a
unique combination of Samsung’s revolutionary QLED technology and innovative
design, enhancing both the living space and entertainment experience for
consumers. The QLED technology enables beautiful colours, exceptional contrasts
and impeccable details with 100% colour volume. What’s most unique and
spectacular about The Frame is that when it is not being used as a TV, it moves
into Art Mode. Just like how a framed picture looks different depending on the
time of day, The Frame adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light
in the room, using its in-built motion and brightness sensors.

“With The Frame you can expect what feels like a
home makeover. It offers stunning picture quality, awe-inspiring sound and
innovative features that effortlessly becomes an opportunity to showcase your
own artistic taste. We are pleased to offer a product designed for the
discerning tastes of Samsung customers, “said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing
Officer at Samsung Central Africa.

Whether you love TV or art, The Frame offers both.
This spectacular TV truly complements your living space, bringing
entertainment, and fine art into your home. Thanks to QLED technology, you can
experience the brilliance of watching everything in lifelike colour and
incredible detail, just as the creator intended. When you’re not watching TV,
the screen is a blank canvas to display a gallery of artwork or your favourite
photos. Better still, with no distracting cables, nothing will get in the way
of your striking view.

How The Frame
changes your space

  • Frame-look Design

The Frame is
designed to turn your TV into a piece of elegantly framed art, enhancing your
space and expressing your style. Mounted on the wall, the 2020 The Frame TV has
a design that looks like a real picture frame to blend into your living

  • Style The Frame your way with interchangeable
    bezels and No Gap Wall Mount.2

Your frame, your
colour. The Frame TV’s customisable bezel lets you choose the right one for
your interior. Find the perfect match for your own taste with a choice of
black, brown, beige and white. The Frame TV can be effortlessly mounted flush
to the wall with the provided No Gap Wall Mount, and allow you to enjoy your
favourite TV shows, movies, games and media content without taking up space.

  • Art Mode

When the TV is off,
turn it into a showcase of world famous art masterpieces3 or a
gallery of your own photographs. Samsung is expected to open the online
ArtStore in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius in October. This means a world
of fascinating art will be just a click away.

  • Colour Volume 100% by Quantum Dot

Experience colour
the way it’s meant to be seen and artwork as realistically as it is in a
gallery. With 100% colour volume and the bold contrast of Dual LED, The Frame
brings everything to life with incredible detail and texture, from any angle. Samsung
has also considered the quality of the content you watch and The Frame uses AI-powered
upscaling to transform older content into a higher quality picture. This all
adds to an immersive and realistic experience.

  • Ambient Mode + brings your vision to life

TV no longer has to be just a black screen. Ambient
Mode lets you change what you see on-screen. Set it up so the time, weather,
news headlines or calming animations are waiting for you every time you look
over.The Frame can also match the surrounding wall’s colour and pattern to
virtually blend in. It’s all up to you.

With The Frame you won’t feel like you need to visit galleries, because
you can appreciate numerous pieces of art inside your own living room. QLED
technology will also make you feel like a cinema experience is right in your
home. Now that’s a TV worth having.

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Why Samsung New Sound Towers Have Become An Essential Part Of The Viewing Experience



Few things get the party started as well as really good music – clear,
crisp sound that brings a level of depth and richness that gets everyone in the
mood to escape and unwind. Fortunately, Samsung has captured this need in a
range of expertly engineered devices made to be enjoyed. Samsung’s range of
sound towers pair perfectly with wide screen TV’s – an all in one form factor
with seamless wireless connectivity. The Sound Tower is a party speaker range
that comes with bi-directional sound ideal for large spaces along with DJ
effects, Karaoke and LED Party Lights.

“The range turns any party into an event. We’re pleased to introduce
the one and only, innovative bi-directional design. The double-sided speakers
deliver powerful sound both ways, filling up any large space. There is no doubt that the the 2020 range of Sound
Tower will light up any party.  ” said
Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Central Africa.

Sound Tower come with the world’s first Atmos technology for an
elevated sound experience. These devices have been tuned at the Samsung Audio
Lab in Valencia, California to give you perfectly balanced and room-filling
sound. Get ready to bring life to any party through exceptionally loud and
crisp sound quality with their 1,500 watt output, built-in woofer and
bi-directional sound. These speakers offer everything one needs for a party –
Dynamic Bass, DJ effect, Karaoke and LED Party Lights.

The Samsung MX-T70 and MX-T50 Sound Tower series is specially designed
for in-home entertainment, spanning musical gigs to small gatherings to movie
watching with family. These are superior speakers that sport the
next-generation premium design which will definitely grab the attention of
guests. The new Sound Tower line-up features Bi-directional Sound that
disperses sound evenly covering wider range. It also delivers exceptionally
loud and crisp sound quality with no distortion at high volumes even at a
powerful output ranging from 500 watts and 1,500 watts.

The series comes equipped with a variety of party and audio features
like Dynamic Bass, DJ effect, Karaoke, LED Party Lights among others, adding
more life to the party. The 10-inch built-in woofer provides enhanced bass
performance with a long excursion bass unit in the MX-T70 Sound Tower device.

And you can double the fun with seamless connectivity on the speakers.
The models feature multiple USB ports, multi-connection options through
Bluetooth and Group Play, which allows up to 10 Sound Tower speakers with one
audio source. Additionally, the speakers are splash proof making them a perfect
companion at get-togethers.

Sound Tower series will surely take party anthems to the next level and allow
consumers to enjoy deep bass for those dance floor filling tunes. Pressing play
never sounded this good

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