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Spotify HiFi Is A lossless Streaming Tier Coming Later This Year



Your turn, Apple Music

Spotify is going hi-fi. Well, “HiFi.” It’s taken longer than competitors like Tidal and Amazon Music, but today, the leading subscription music service announced a new lossless streaming tier that will allow listeners to get the most from their digital music library. The news came at the company’s Spotify “Stream On” virtual event.

Spotify HiFi will be available later this year and “will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers, which means fans will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.”

Spotify has done small tests of higher-quality streaming in the past, but now it’s going to launch the feature more widely — with the caveat that it’ll be available only “in select markets.” Pricing is yet to be announced. Higher-quality streaming has apparently been among the top requests from its customers; as it stands today, Spotify tops out at 320kbps audio.

Amazon rolled out Amazon Music HD in 2019. The lossless plan costs $14.99 per month (or $12.99 for Prime customers), a premium over the standard Amazon Music Unlimited service. Tidal, which has supported high-resolution audio since its very beginning, is priced slightly higher at $19.99 monthly for the “Hi-Fi” plan. Tidal offers what it calls “Tidal Masters” that can even exceed high-resolution 96 kHz / 24 bit audio. Smaller services like Qobuz have also sought to appeal to audiophiles with lossless streaming.

Apple Music, on the other hand, still lacks any kind of lossless streaming tier, despite Apple selling the very high-end AirPods Max headphones.

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Live Rooms Feature Introduced On Instagram



Instagram is increasing the number of people users can go live together with, in a new update called Live Rooms.

The company announced the launch of Live Rooms, in which up to four people can go live at once. Previously, users could only go live with one other person.

“We hope that doubling up on Live will open up more creative opportunities — start a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with other artists, host more engaging Q&As or tutorials with your following, or just hang out with more of your friends,” Instagram said.

The company added that Live Rooms will roll out globally soon.

Live Rooms is one of several features to be added to Instagram’s Live function during the last year.

In May 2020, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the company introduced a badge system for users to sell and monetise their streams.

Other social media companies are responding to the trend of online gathering spearheaded by the likes of Houseparty and Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, a social audio app, has seen an explosion in popularity. This, despite the app being only available to iOS users and invite-only.

Facebook is also currently working on a competitor to Clubhouse.

How to use Instagram Live Rooms

To use Live Rooms, Instagram users must swipe left to the live camera option and select the Rooms icon.

They can then select other users to go live with, as well as accept requests from users who want to join. Users can join all at once or individually throughout the stream.

Guests who have previously been banned by the host will not be able to join rooms, as well as users who have had their access to Live revoked because of Community Guidelines violations.

“This update is another step forward in giving creators more ways to reach and interact with their audiences,” Instagram said.


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Twitter Announces Paid Super Follows To Let You Charge For Tweets



It’s also planning a groups feature

Twitter’s mockup of its Super Follows feature.

Twitter announced a pair of big upcoming features today: the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content, and the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests. They’re two of the more substantial changes to Twitter in a while, but they also fit snugly into models that have been popular and successful on other social platforms.

The payment feature, called Super Follows, will allow Twitter users to charge followers and give them access to extra content. That could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support. In a mockup screenshot, Twitter showed an example where a user charges $4.99 per month to receive a series of perks. Twitter sees it as a way to let creators and publishers get paid directly by their fans.


Direct payment tools have become increasingly important for creators in particular in recent years. Patreon has been hugely successful, and other platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and even GitHub have all launched direct creator payment features. Twitter will presumably take a cut — the company has been hinting at subscriptions features that would offer it a new source of revenue — though it doesn’t appear to have said yet what that fee will be.

Twitter’s mockup of its Communities feature.

Twitter also announced a new feature called Communities, which appear to be its take on something like Facebook Groups. People can create and join groups around specific interests — like cats or plants, Twitter suggests — allowing them to see more tweets focused on those topics. Groups have been a huge success for Facebook (and a huge moderation problem, too), and they could be a particularly helpful tool on Twitter, since the service’s open-ended nature can make it difficult for new users to get started on the platform.

There’s no timeline yet for when either of these features will launch. Twitter listed them as “what’s next” for its platform during a presentation for analysts and investors


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Sauti Sol Unveils Own Ear Pods Brand



Kenyan Boy Band Sauti Sol and Sol Generation has inked a new lucrative deal that will see their fans enjoy the limited edition of Pace Africa earbuds dubbed PaceSol.

The Boy Band took to social media to share the good news and today the deal came to life. They revealed that they are out to create a product that will represent them as a group.

According to the Suzzana hit-makers, PaceSol will be the first product out of their partnership with Pace, as they look forward to introducing other unique and affordable tech products into the region.


Talking about the new partnership, Sauti Sol Lead Vocalist Bien Aime Baraza said; “We wanted to create a product that sums us up as a group, part lifestyle, part activewear and part musical excellence.”

Chimano added “PaceSol is a product you can use anywhere and look good, and not compromise on your listening experience.”

This partnership is a celebration of what African brands can achieve through collaborations. Coupling Sauti Sol and Sol Generation’s mantra of D.O.P.E (Discipline, Order, Passion, and Excellence) and Keep Your Own Pace of Pace, the purpose of the product is to inspire Africans to make their moves in a dope way while powered by our music, enjoyed through our product.

“Pace is pursuing more sustainable partnerships rather than promotional campaigns. To that end, we want our Partners to participate in the creative and designing of products.

This partnership with Sauti Sol is a dovetail as we share the same value and passion for delivering meaning experiences. Therefore, we know that our fans and consumers will enjoy the Pacesol experience.” J Blessing, C.E.O, Keep Pace Africa Limited.

Source: Pulse Live Kenya

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Tech & Innovation

iTrash Technology Company Launched To Revolutionize Waste Management In Africa



Seems the world is in a devastating situation, as we are the midst of the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, but this also presents an opportunity to keep our environment and cities clean by the help of a trash technology company which also becomes a means of creating job opportunities for many young people.

‘iTrash’ Technology Company Limited, operators of Your Trashman, which is Africa’s first Trash – Tech mobile eco-system and for-profit social inclusive technology waste management company, has been launched with a unique model designed to use the technological advancement of the century to revolutionize the entire waste management industry in Africa and beyond making them the future of waste management.

The company was founded in 2017 and registered in 2019 by Gregory Ankrah. With the present situation, Gregory is urging the government and the private sectors to invest in some of these projects to get waste picked up when it full at the individual houses during this lockdown period. His focus is on developing tailor-made strategies that suit the business needs and goals of his clients.

“We are inviting the government of Ghana and other stakeholders to support this project to provide services to keep the country clean and reduce the amount of municipal solid waste in the country,” Gregory Ankrah said in a press statement.

“Let itrash do the cleaning & waste collection at the same time with no stress just dial 44344# or call 0248810239 & a trashman will be at your door step.. itrash – Giving you a clean break!!”

It is Africa’s first trash tech waste management and seeing waste management as a great challenge in Africa and the world at large. Now, did you know that Africa produces 70 million metric tons of municipal solid waste annually, and only 10% of the waste is collected today? And with a prediction that Africa will produce over 160 million metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste by 2020 by the world bank urban development series report.

To reach out to Gregory or for more information about the project, contact +233 55 771 0000.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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