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Sonotech Ghana Wrap Up A Month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign With Reviv Ghana



Reviv Ghana; a vitamin infusion and wellness company that believes in preventative healthcare in partnership with Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center organized a breast cancer awareness event where over 30 participants enjoyed a free breast cancer screening to wrap up the month long breast cancer awareness campaign.

Graced by Miss Health Ghana, Ohemaa Achiaa Agyekum and the contestants of Miss Health Ghana 2020, participants also had the opportunity to engage with a breast cancer survivor, Madam Philomina Assabill, Siran Mahama, the CEO of Reviv Ghana and Dr. Grace Buckman of Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center.

Madam Assabill who was diagnosed, treated and survived stage 3 breast cancer 2 years ago shared her story at the event.

“I had to go through the system and I had a bilateral mastectomy, I decided that I want both breasts removed,”

She advised everyone to examine their breast and do a mammogram (an X-ray of the breast) regularly for early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Buckman who also spoke at the event educated participants on what breast cancer is and the need to regularly examine the breast. According to her, the current Global Cancer Report 2018 mentioned about 2.8 million cases of breast cancer globally.

“… you realize that the cases are going up day in and day out, not only are the cases going up, but you realize people are also presenting very late and that’s why we do what we do,” she said.

Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center gave a 20% discount on ultrasound and 50% discount on mammogram to all participants.

The CEO of Reviv Ghana, Siran Mahama also emphasized on the importance of breast cancer awareness.

“it is very important to detect breast cancer in its early stages and that is why Reviv has organized a free breast screening in partnership with Sonotech.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.

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Origo Health Launches World-Class Health Experience



Origo Health, a digital healthcare provider based in Ghana has launched a premium health care service to transform how patients and health care providers connect to deliver the best healthcare outcomes.

According to the leadership ranks among healthcare providers, Origo Health solves the most critical health issues and care delivery problems through mobile phones at an affordable cost across all population segments. Origo Health brings affordable and accessible healthcare to Ghanaians through collaborative messaging and virtual access to health care providers.

According to Origo Health, “There is a plan for everyone. We leverage advanced technology to deliver relevant health information in real-time to remove the time and costs for travelling to health centres and locations. Our network of providers can be seen or spoken with on demand and when necessary, subscribers can be seen in person at participating healthcare facilities. Our solution delivers superior health care outcomes and experiences for subscribers at reduced costs compared to insurance or cash payments for services. Origo’s customers do not have to pay for doctor’s visits when they subscribe to the paid plans. The Opportunity and the ability to connect people through mobile devices to healthcare providers in real-time for instant information, consultation, solutions and care presents a rare opportunity to deliver real results through monthly subscription plans at the price of a meal”.

He added that due to the lack of easy access to healthcare facilities and a crippling provider/patient ratio of over 1/10,000, there is a significant coverage gap to be met. The Origo Health solution is a cloud-based exchange that brings patients, providers and healthcare services together through a mobile app, text messaging, video chat and in-person experiences that deliver education, information, consultation and other valuable services.

“We leverage expertise, curated information, a secure information vault and AI/ML to keep costs low while delivering care rapidly, securely and efficiently through the platform. Patients are matched with providers automatically and answers to questions are provided 24×7. We deliver our service through paid subscriptions (monthly, annual), and provide healthcare delivery in 3 service tiers: Annual, Monthly or Pay as you Go. We collect payments through mobile money and credit cards. We pay the healthcare provider for consultations, so our subscribers don’t have to worry about healthcare bills. Here are a few examples of how Origo Health saves time, money and prevents the spread of COVID-19.

A store owner has a lot of pain but cannot leave the store to go to the doctor or pharmacy because of lack of time and money. They call Origo Health and within 30 minutes, they get connected to see a doctor on their phone and receive a prescription at the store. No payment is required because they are on the monthly plan. We streamline the delivery of healthcare by harnessing, managing, and connecting patients, information, and doctors to improve health and well-being, reduce delivery costs, and positively impact the lives of our customers.”

Sharing an experience, he shares, “A post-surgery patient was in lots of pain because the surgery was not done well and needed to be fixed. The patient tried several herbal remedies, but the pain kept getting worse. They called Origo Health, and our nurses recommended ice treatment and setup up an appointment with a Doctor who recommended a follow-up surgery. The patient is no longer in pain, no payment was required, and the patient saves lots of travel time back and forth and appointment costs”.

The Origo Health app is available on android and IOS. You can use the app to book online appointments and visits for situations that do not require in-person visits. Patients are encouraged to sign up for an Origo Health plan to save money and to keep in person clinic visits and traffic down.

For more information, visit Origo Health at or call 030-700-0800 to speak with a healthcare consultant.

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Habiba Sinare Collaborate With Mama Mariam Foundation To Help 9 District Health Centre’s Maternity Blocks In The North



After launching her foundation, Mama Mariam, last month, actress Habiba Sinare is gearing to commence her humanitarian projects with the construction and renovation of nine Maternity blocks in the Northern part of Ghana.

The foundation which seeks to change and create opportunities for youth especially those in the deprived area across Ghana has listed nine Maternity blocks in the north, which she is going to build and furnished with ultra-modern equipment, theater, two delivery rooms, 100 new beds, drill boreholes, provide Polytanks for each maternity block.

The NGO will also expand and renovate the pediatric unit of the hospitals, they will also provide some equipment like filtration machines to provide clean drinking water for each of the hospitals.

These humanitarian services will benefit Maternity blocks in health centers in; Salaga, Miaw, Savulegu and some part of the Savana Region.

According to the founder and CEO of the NGO, Mama Mariam Foundation, Miss Sinare, the NGO’s priority is to give love, Give Out and Change Lives. It also pursues a world where everyone in deprived areas across the country have the opportunity to good health, quality education, and aiding vocational skills.

The vision of the NGO is to change the future by implementing sustainable programs that will improve the reception to opportunities and lifesaving services. MAMA MARIAM has four phenomenal values which include; empowering others, Development, Activating leaders, Compassion.

Miss Sinare shared that the NGO aims; construction of schools in the rural Northern communities, Build a Mama Mariam ward in all the Regional and District hospitals of the Northern sector, Provide quality accessibility to water in the rural Northern sectors, Set up vocational institutions in the Northern rural sectors, Put up maternity centers in rural sectors.

Mama Mariam Foundation is scheduling to roll out these life-changing projects; clean drinking water in the next year for the rural communities in the northern sector. In the next 2 years, deprived communities in the Northern sector of Ghana should have access to good health care by 15%, In the next 3 years, deprived communities in the Northern sector of Ghana should have access to quality education by 10% and 5 clinics and 5 vocational schools should be built in deprived rural communities.

To help support this good course by Mama Mariam Foundation, they are available on social media and on website WWW.HABIBASINARE.COM

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37 More Covid-19 Cases Recorded At Akosombo International School



Thirty-seven more Covid-19 cases have been recorded at the Akosombo International School, the Executive Director of National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) has disclosed.

Dr Hilda Ampadu told Emefa Apawu on The Probe on Sunday that, “It is encouraging to say that the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Regional Health Directorate and the Municipal Health Directorate in there are on top of issues.”

She added, “They are working very well with the school’s Covid Management Team and all those who have tested positive are been taken care of by GHS.”

On February 4, the Eastern Regional Director of GHS Dr Winfred Ofosu disclosed that 40 students at the School had tested positive.

She explained that out of a total of 500 samples that were taken from the school, 40 students tested positive so far.

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has revealed that the students who tested positive for Covid-19 at the School have been isolated for treatment.

The Authority in a press release said although those who tested positive for the virus are stable and without symptoms, they have still been admitted at the VRA Hospital for further management.

Meanwhile, lead inspector of NaSIA, John Kweku Aggrey, said a shift system will be rolled out today in order to improve social distancing in classrooms as mass testing continues.

“So far they have done well as you can see all of them are in a noise mask properly won too. The sanitizers are there.

“The school authorities have told us from Monday they are going to start the shift system. And we have also advised them that the borders should not mix with the day learners,” he added.

Despite the concerns, Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority Prof Alex Doodo has backed government’s decision to keep schools opened despite calls for a shut down.

The clinical pharmacist said other countries that have opened schools have said it is working for them than keeping the children home.


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Toothy Tuesdays: Dr. Louisa Launches New Grassroot Dental Care Webshow



Taking precautions to ensure the safety of her patients and the entire populace, Dr. Louisa Ansong-Satekla; a professional Dentist and entrepreneur has premiered a brand new weekly social media grassroots campaign to embolden and develop the public’s credence about the safety of practicing good dental care. Dubbed “Toothy Tuesdays”, the debut episode of the show premiered on her official Instagram channel on December 29, 2020, amassing over 50,000 views.

Updated on weekly basis on Tuesdays, the Social Media programme will keep patients and the general public well informed on the risk associated with the improper treatment along with its impact on Dental patient. On the show, viewers will also be able to find useful information about various topics in cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry. This includes dental care tips, descriptions of dental health problems, and the appropriate treatment options.

Last week’s episode of the patient-centred and public education programme took a contrary approach. With the hashtag “Ask DrLouisa” taking over Twitter trends, the wife of multiple awarding winning reggae & dancehall artiste – Stonebwoy had a livelier interaction with social media users, patients who took turn to seek for insightful education on their dental and oral health and inquire the possibilities of curing its associate Problems.

Yesterday’s edition aired on Instagram where She spoke about Pericoronitis; an inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar, otherwise known as a wisdom tooth. According to her, the condition most often occurs in molars that are partially impacted, or not fully visible. The cause of this condition is similar to the formation of a gum abscess in periodontitis by the entrapment of debris under the gingival tissue, she educated.

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