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President Akufo-Addo Swears In Supreme Court Justices Justice Honyenuga and Tanko Amadu



GREATER ACCRA – Saturday, May 23, 2020/ – The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Friday, 22nd May 2020, swore into office two newly appointed Justices of the Supreme Court, Justice Clemence Jackson Honyenuga and Justice Issifu Omoro Tanko Amadu, at separate ceremonies at Jubilee House, the seat of the nation’s presidency.

First swearing in Justice Clemence Jackson Honyenuga, President Akufo-Addo noted that he had met the stringent requirements of Article 128 clause (4) of the Constitution, and has demonstrated the independence of spirit, proven integrity, high moral character, and impartiality of mind to hold this high office.

According to the President, “your track record, over the last thirty-nine (39) years, speaks for itself – Assistant State Attorney, private legal practitioner, Judge Advocate of the Ghana Navy, Justice of the High Court, Additional High Court Judge sitting on civil matters, narcotics, robbery, and other violent crimes, Director of the Remand Prisoners Project, and long-serving Justice of the Court of Appeal.”

He continued, “Your appointment to the highest court of the land is, thus, truly well-deserved and merited. The post-1966 Supreme Court has developed a positive reputation for the quality of its constitutional jurisprudence, and I am hopeful that you, who have already had good experience of high judicial office in the Court of Appeal, will help strengthen the development of our nation’s constitutional and other jurisprudence in the Supreme Court.”

With Justice Honyenuga having endured a difficult time lately, the President applauded him for comporting himself in a dignified manner.

“I can only urge you to overlook these events, which should be a mere blip on your public career, and dispense justice in accordance with your conscience and the rule of law. It is extremely important that you ensure the strict application of the laws of the land, in the words of the judicial oath, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, which you have just taken, and, therefore, without recourse to the political, religious or ethnic affiliations of any citizen of the land,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo urged Justice Honyenuga to make sure that when anyone falls foul of the law, the law enforcement agencies, including the Judiciary, must ensure the person is dealt with in accordance with law. That, he explained, is the true meaning of the concept of equality before the law.

At the swearing-in ceremony of Justice Tanko Amadu, President Akufo-Addo stated that this is the first time in the nation’s history that a Muslim has been appointed to the highest court of the land, adding that “I am delighted to have been the President to have the honour of doing so, and to do so appropriately in this Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Having worked as a lawyer in the great Federal Republic of Nigeria for nineteen (19) years, and going on to found his own firm in 1997, Justice Tanko Amadu was appointed to the High Court in 2008, and, four (4) years later, was promoted to the Court of Appeal, the President stated that, by dint of hard work and merit, he has been further elevated.

With the Constitution of the Republic affirming that final judicial power in the State is vested solely in the Judiciary, and not in any other agency or organ of the State, the President noted that the Judiciary has onerous responsibilities to protect the individual liberties and fundamental human rights of citizens, to act as the arbiter in disputes between the State and the citizen, to act as the arbiter in disputes between citizens and all persons, and to serve as the bulwark for the defence and promotion of the liberties and rights of the people.

“With all other Courts bound to follow the decisions of the Supreme Court on questions of law, it is obviously critical that Justices of the Supreme Court possess a sound knowledge of the law, and of precedent, the principle of stare decisis,” he added.

The President added that the situation where judges proffer judgements on the basis of decisions from lower courts and cite them as law, is not acceptable, and even less so, when judges cite no authority at all for their rulings, and give orders without reasons.

“Judges, more so Justices of the Supreme Court, must be learned, know their case law and ensure their decisions and judgements are properly motivated. It is in this manner that judges contribute to the orderly development of the nation,” the President said.

President Akufo-Addo noted that all Ghanaians, with their different views and their different perspectives, must work together for the realisation of the Ghana project – a united Ghana, driven by considerations of social justice and solidarity, and governed according to the rule of law, respect for individual liberties, human rights and the principles of democratic accountability.

“In these not so normal times, the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, in which we find ourselves, we must hold on firmly to these values, and work, within the confines of an open society, towards the defeat of the virus,” he added.


[WATCH] Flt. Lt. Rawlings Hosts A Virtual “June 4” Durbar



Publiée par Jerry John Rawlings sur Jeudi 4 juin 2020

Due to the social distancing protection protocols instituted by government as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Former President Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, on Thursday June 4, 2020 delivered a keynote address to mark the 41st anniversary of the June 4 uprising by a live virtual broadcast. Inspired by the pandemic and the ideals of the revolution the event was themed “Strengthening the Spirit of Patriotism, Resilience and Integrity in Difficult Times.”

Delivering his address, the Former President stated that, the positive disruptive force and energy of June 4th was not a product of any political movement or action rather, the spontaneous eruption on that fateful day represented the unadulterated spirit of liberation that was collectively sought after, as a nation at the brink of collapse.

According to the Flt. Lt., nothing more has signified or exemplified the patriotism and resilience of Ghanaians than in those difficult moments as many were those who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods in order to bequeath to subsequent generations a more just society with equal opportunities for all, irrespective of their religion, tribe, ethnicity, political or educational status.

On June 4, 1979, members of the military, drawn mostly from the junior ranks and inspired by mass social and public discontent, took over the governance of the country after it had sunk into a state of social, economic and political decay. The following three months led to a ‘housecleaning’ exercise after which elections were held and the mantle of political leadership handed over to the government of the People’s National Party, ushering in the Third Republic.

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Ghanaian Politician, Gabby Otchere-Darko, Reigns Priceless Accolades On Shatta Wale



GREATER ACCRA – Tuesday, June 2, 2020/ – Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) strongman has, in contemplation, reigned priceless accolades on multiple award-winning Ghanaian born reggae/ragga & dance-hall artiste, Charles Nii-Armah Mensah – Shatta Wale for establishing an exemplary demeanor in these trying times of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a tweet sighted by Gerrard-Israel – an Entertainment Journalist, the politician acknowledged the “Reign Album” crooner’s vigorous and determined attempt to ameliorate government’s effort towards the containment of the outbreak of the virus. He explained that, he is impressed about the apparent growing maturity of Shatta Wale for recognising his influence on young people and seems determined to exploit it for positivity.

On April 4th, Shatta Wale thrilled over 130,000 virtual fans from and around the world during its broadcast.with ecstatic live band music at the maiden edition of “The Faith Concert. The solo concert which was streamed from Shatta Wale’s ship house residence inside East Legon, saw the dancehall act performed with a live band for over an hour.

According to Shatta Wale, Faith Concert is to show his concern over how the novel Coronavirus has locked down everyone in their homes, therefore, the need to entertain them in their abodes. The “My Level” singer also added that the show was to bring hope to the people, that with God, Ghana and the world will come to normal again.

In a bid to fulfill a promise he made, Shatta Wale donated some coronavirus relief items to inmates to help fight the pandemic in the country. Though he didn’t reveal where he did the donation, he shared photos from the event on his Facebook page with the caption, “Just surprised these inmates in these difficult times. Let’s continue to stay safe and think about the vulnerabilities in society and lend our little support any way we could. God bless us all! Keep your faith alive, all these shall pass.”

Also in these trying times, Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement team on Friday 17th April 2020 made a donation to the James Camp Prisons located at Roman Ridge in Accra. The assorted items donated by the team included food items (bags of rice, gallons of cooking oil, sacks of sugar, boxes of spaghetti, boxes of frozen chicken wings, canned tomatoes), boxes of biscuits, laundry and bath soaps, boxes of toilet tissue, cartons of soft drinks, dental care kit and copies of the Odyssey of Shatta Wale book.

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Health & Fitness

COV!D-19: Restrictions On Social Gatherings Partially Lifted With An Abridged Format



Update No.10: President Akufo-Addo addresses the nation

Update No.10: President Akufo-Addo addresses the nation

Publiée par Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo sur Dimanche 31 mai 2020

GREATER ACCRA – Sunday, May 31, 2020/ – President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency William Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, has, during the 10th update to Ghana’s enhanced response to the Coronavirus pandemic, on Sunday, 31st May, 2020, revealed that with effect from Friday, 5th June, Ghanaians will begin stage one of the process of easing restrictions, with the commencement of an abridged format for religious services.

According to him, twenty-five percent (25%) attendance, with a maximum number of one hundred (100) congregants, can worship at a time in church or at the mosque, with a mandatory one metre rule of social distancing between congregants. In addition to the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons at all times in churches and mosques, a register of names and contact details of all worshippers and hand washing facilities and sanitisers must be provided, with a maximum duration of one (1) hour for each service.

The President revealed that, Religious institutions that are desirous of opening their premises to their members, such as churches, mosques and others, must disinfect, fumigate and put in place the requisite logistics needed to guarantee safe opening and operation. They must work with the designated, regulatory bodies and undertake test runs of the protocols I have outlined.

Nana Akufo-Addo appealed that, in the case of Christians, on the first Sunday of re-opening, i.e. 7th June, in the case of the Adventists, Saturday, 6th June, and in the case of Muslims, on the first Friday, i.e. Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah on 5th June, to dedicate their worship to prayers for the nation in these challenging times, adding that, the Minister for Religious Affairs, will, tomorrow, Monday, 1st June, outline, in detail, the specific guidelines for the safe reopening of our churches and mosques.

On the subject of schools ressuming for lessons, President Nana Akufo-Addo stated that, from Monday, 15th June, 2020, the decision has been taken, after engagement with the Teacher Union to re-open schools and universities to allow for final year junior high, senior high and university students, including all final year students of educational and training institutions, which are being managed by Ministries other than the Education Ministry, to resume classes ahead of the conduct of their respective exit examinations.

He, final year university students are to report to their universities on 15th June; final year senior high school (SHS 3) students, together with SHS 2 Gold Track students, on 22nd June; and final year junior high school (JHS 3) students on 29th June. JHS 3 classes will comprise a maximum of thirty (30) students; SHS classes a maximum of twenty-five (25) students; and University lectures will take place with half the class sizes.

He reiterated that, prior to the opening of schools and universities, the Ministry of Education, and the heads of public and private educational institutions, will fumigate and disinfect their institutions. Explaining that, each student, teacher, and non-teaching staff will be provided with re-usable face masks by the Ministry of Education. He added that, for the avoidance of doubt, all other educational facilities, private and public, for non-final year students, will remain closed.

On private burials, with a maximum of one hundred (100) persons, can continue to be performed. Restaurants, providing seated services, can operate under appropriate social distancing arrangements and hygiene protocols. Individual, non-contact sports can go ahead. Conferences, workshops, weddings, and political activities, except rallies, can now take place, but with limited numbers not exceeding one hundred (100) persons present, with the appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Market places, work places, public transport, and constitutional and statutory bodies such as the Electoral Commission, the National Commission for Civic Education and the National Identification Authority, whose activities were exempted from the outset from these restrictions, must conduct their activities in accordance with social distancing and the necessary hygiene and safety protocols.

Whilst Ghanaians step up public education of the protocols on public gatherings, President Nana Akufo-Addo stated that, regulatory agencies will undertake random checks to ensure conformity with these rules, and the security services will be tasked to enforce them, adding that, should any institution fail to adhere to these directives, its activity will be immediately prohibited, and relevant sanctions applied.

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MEET ALHAJI UMAR FAROUK: The Most Promising Politician In Ghana



Alhaji Umar Farouk Aliu Mahama is the son of His Excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama, Late Former Vice President of the Republic of Ghana (2001-2009). Farouk Aliu Mahama in his professional life is a Certified International Supply Chain Professional. He has rendered a marvelous service to Ghana at Ghana Cocoa Board. He has risen through the ranks at Ghana Cocoa Board to become Deputy Procurement Manager.

Personal Life

Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama has two (2) sons, Maltiti Aliu Mahama Jr and Nurudeen Mahama with his wife Ayisha Mahama. As a native Yendi extract, Farouk Aliu Mahama speaks fluent Dagbani, Hausa, Twi and elementary speaker of Ga. He has openly professed his hobby in football and philanthropy.
Early Life, Education and Family


Alhaji Umar Farouk Aliu Mahama was born on 27th April, 1981 to a prominent political family as the son of H.E Alhaji Aliu Mahama and H.E Hajia Ramatu Mahama (Former Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana, 2001-2009). His father was Ghana’s first Muslim Vice-President and the first and only ethnic Dagomba to have risen to that political height.

His paternal grandfather, Zongo Naa Mahama, was the Zongo Chief of Yendi, the traditional capital of Dagbon. Farouk Aliu Mahama’s maternal grandfather, Alhaji Imoro Egala, was Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister in the First Republic(1960-1961) and later Trade and Industries Minister, he was the first black chairman of Ghana Cocoa Board and the founder of People’s National Party, the mother party of People’s National Convention(PNC).

Alhaji Faouk Aliu Mahama started his basic education at Presby Experimental School in Tamale and was later enrolled in the Achimota schools. He proceeded to Prempeh College in Kumasi to undertake his secondary education and later to Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing.

Farouk Aliu Mahama holds a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from the Coventry University in England, the United Kingdom and a Certified International Supply Chain Professional from International Purchashing and Supply Chain Management Institute-USA.

Academic Accolades and Credentials

Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama has many academic honors to his credit recognizing his professional performance;

• Cambridge University (Institute of Sustainability Leadership)- High Impact Leadership
• Scottish Qualification Authority in procurement integrity from the Scottish Qualification Authority
• Honors in contract management from Ghana Suppliers Commission
• Harvard Kennedy School- Emerging Leaders
• Certified International Supply Chain Professional-IPSCMI-USA
• Certified International Supply Chain Manager-IPSCMI-USA
• Chartered Procurement Member-MCIPS, UK.
• Honors in Procurement of goods and services from World Bank
• World Bank E-Procurement and Implementation from Government of Ghana.
• New procurement Framework by World Bank
• Institute of Supply Chain Management
• Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration- Bachelor of Science in Marketing
• Coventry University, United Kingdom-Master of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
• Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)-Corporate Award


• Most Promising Politician, Northern Excellence Awards.
• Rising Star of the year – Northern Business Excellence Awards

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