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Music Business Academy Masterclass, Spearheaded By Godwin Tom To Begin This September



As one of Africa’s entertainment industry prolific change agent, Godwin Tom from the 7 th of Sept 2020 will share his vast expertise in a 3 months masterclass dubbed Music Business Africa together with some connoisseur in the space.

The Music Business Africa is a Talent Management Training program that provides the platforms to people looking to learn and be part of the consistently growing entertainment industry. The training programs and a lot of their students and participants have started careers in talent management, media, content development, event organisation, and production among other things in the entertainment industry.

With his talent for being detail-oriented and analytical, Godwin Tom will be educating on Brand and Music Marketting, Music and the Law and Management and AnR divided into three major modules. Godwin Tom having garnered over ten years of experience as a Talent Manager and Business Development Executive and over 16 years in the industry overall as an Artist and Talent Manager, will through this 3 months masterclass help nurture music enthusiasts who want careers in the music space as agents, AnR and more will get lessons tailored made for them.

The Music Business Africa is in three modules:

Module 1 Management & Ant Faculty:
will be announced soon
Class 1 (06.09.2020)

Class 2 (13.09.2020) Introduction to Music Business
The Role of Talent Managers Management and A&Rs Job opportunities in the music Revenue Streams for Talent industry.
Managers and A&R Connecting music to other sectors Building a career as a Talent of the economy.
Manager and A&R Finding purpose in your work

Class 3 (20.09.2020)
Music Business Finance basics Business Managers and their roles
Managing Artist’s Revenue

Class 4 (27.09.2020)

Review of sessions Grouping New Assignment
Free Workshop: Job opportunities in entertainment – Choosing a career
building value, network and a reputation.

Module 2 Music and the Law Faculty:
will be announced soon
Class 1 (04.10.2020)
The IP Entertainment and Media Lawyers&role Hiring a Lawyer Contracts
(Management, Endorsement)
Class 2 (11.10.2020)
Collective Mgt. Organisations Publishing Licensing Sharing revenue
Class 4 (27.09.2020)
Class 3 (18.10.2020)
Types of Deals Deal Characteristics IP Valuation
Review of sessions New Assignment

Module 3.

Brand & Music Marketing Faculty: will be announced soon
Class 1 (01.11.2020)
Social media Data collection Media relations and PR
Class 2 (08.11.2020)
Artist planning Strategy and tactics Music distribution (Role of Labels and Distribution companies)
Class 3 (15.11.2020)
Marketing for conversions
Artist branding
Class 4 (22.11.2020)

| Final Review

Godwin Tom has a long catalogue of talents he has worked from the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Waje, MI, Wande Coal, Ice Prince, Bez, Show Dem Camp, Beverly Naya, Yung6ix, Jessy Jagz, Rooftop MCs, Solid Star, Ayo Jay, Goldie, to mention a few.

Register to join the class now by contacting muse Africa on 0271111170 or through their social media @museafricanew.

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GHANA/ Sadiq Fires Ghanaian Musicians



Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdullai Abu has admonished Ghanaian musicians to also concentrate on how structures of the music industry works rather than seeking personal glory with their brands and careers.

“Most importantly we need to begin to drive the industry from a certain insightful conversation..It is a 360 industry”. He said on Daybreak Hitz on October 20, 2020.

He also revealed that although there may be a finger pick of Ghanaian musicians doing well with their respective careers, it’s not enough and does not represent the true reflection of how our music industry should be.

“Talents always get to think that…. them them.. when this part begin to hit small hit it, hit it and then they wake up to realize that all these things that should be in the echo system to support us is not there and they begin to shout there is no structure in the industry”.

The event organizer who has got a strong connection to the Ghanaian entertainment pipeline further stated that “when people were building the structures, you were looking to your own gain and then when you wake up and realize that there are other things in the echo system to support the growth that you’ve become, you begin to decry about it”.

Elucidating on what he meant by lack of structures in the industry, Sadiq said “structures includes these various different companies in the value chain..not just talent.. If we run our industry on talent alone we wake up to realize that all these things that should be there to power them or continue to keep them at the top is not there”.

For some time now, musicians have themselves tried to organize their own events but most were a total fiasco “so it forces them to begin to want to do it themselves and it creates problems”.

(Story by: Rof Roc/beeniewords)

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50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump Ahead Of Presidential Election



50 Cent is officially the latest celebrity to hop aboard the Trump 2020 train ahead of the presidential election next month.

The rapper shared a screenshot of an infographic from the CNBC show Power Lunch on his Instagram account on Monday displaying the top tax rates by state under Joe Biden’s suggested tax plan. If the Democratic presidential nominee’s plan were to be put into effect, those making over $400,000 a year would pay 62.6% in taxes in California, 62% in New York City, 60% in New Jersey, and 58% in New York state.

50 Cent had a strong reaction to those numbers, writing on social media, “WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE For TRUMP) IM OUT, FUCK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway.” He added, “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62% of you out of ya fucking mind,” seemingly conflating the percentage of NYC’s population that would have to pay those taxes with the tax rate a small segment of the population would actually pay.

But outrage over a rise in taxes applied exclusively to those who make over $400,000 a year isn’t exactly a rallying point for the masses. In 2018, the U.S. Census Bureau listed the annual median personal income at $33,706. In fact, earning $400,000 would easily put you in the top 1% of earners in almost every state. And if Biden’s tax plan were to be fully implemented with no alterations, over the next decade it would raise $1.6 to $1.9 trillion from corporations, $1.0 to $1.2 trillion from high earners through income tax, and $800 billion to $1 trillion from Social Security payroll taxes on high-wage earners, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

This recent endorsement also seems to be an abrupt shift in political affiliation for 50 Cent, who in September 2016 tweeted, “Let us pray, lord please don’t let Trump into office. We will spin out of control.” He also claimed in a 2017 interview with Hot 97 that the Trump campaign offered to pay him $500,000 to help attract Black voters, but he turned it down.


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Music Videos

Camidoh Performs An Acoustic Rendition Of Hot Pursuit Off His EP [WATCH]



Camidoh; afropop artiste performs an acoustic rendition of track 2 (Hot Pursuit) off his contingency plan Ep. Originally written by him and produced by La Slame, the song talks about how a very talented young fellow is loved by many people around the world and yet hated and envied as well. It goes on to talk about how no amount of hate or jealousy can take away a man’s blessings. Stream Cp:

Shot & Edited: Sk Multimedia at 357 Studios.
Producer: La Slame
Writer: Raphael Camidoh Attachie (Camidoh)
Guitar: Emmanuel Tetteh
Piano: Joshua Aryee
Styling: Czar Sneakers

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DUNA: Eazzy Features Quamina MP On Her Latest Jam



A fun afrobeat song with a summer street sound, with a hard base line, Duna will leave you with nothing but feel good vibes, making you want to get up and dance! Recently crowned Female Artist of the Decade, Eazzy is gearing up to release this new party banger, featuring the talented and multi award winning Quamina MP and produced by the amazing Unkle Beatz.

This collaboration of sexy vs street brings out the fun playful energy of both artists, with Eazzy’s punchy lyrical flow and Quamina’s undeniable signature tones, this one is sure to be an overall hit! Stream here:

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