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Meet Mr. S: The Smooth Operating Ghanaian Singer-songwriter Charting His Own Path



The music scene globally has undergone a very steady metamorphosis over the years. This evolution has been even much more exponential in recent years thanks to the popularity and transition of music consumption from downloads to streams. This new dynamic has been particularly kind to indie artistes who can now release very quality material without having to go through the bureaucracy of record labels. One of such artistes to benefit from this shift in attitudes is Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Mr. S.

Often conflicted in his own thoughts, Mr. S expresses how his music journey has been stuttered over the years due to the pain of missing out on near-successes. In the formative days of his career, the Soloist experimented with a genre he wanted to call ‘’Sang Poems’’ – an adaption of spoken word but in this sense with crooning.

‘’I always felt I had a calling to do something unique. Before anything I am a writer first. Initially I believed I could coin a style that was simply poems sang out on a beat without following conventional music progressions’’, Mr. S commenting on the birthing phase of his music journey. He was able to achieve this on two songs namely ‘Seasons’ (A Sang Poem) and ‘Perfect Day’ (Offeibea) – an ode turned song he wrote for his then girlfriend. The reception to that phase of his music was mixed. For most it was clear to see the depth and quality of his lyricism, storytelling and silky vocals. There were others who felt the style just didn’t work.

Mr. S accepted all reviews in great stride, although he had to take an extended timeout from music. 2020 would bring Mr. S back in the game with a bang. ‘’I hate that it had to take a pandemic to remind me but seeing everything happening in the world was a huge wake up call. It finally hit me that life truly is short and if there is something you love doing, there is no excuse in refusing to’’ – this epiphany coupled with persuasion from some concerned fans would prove to be the turning point.

Mr. S dropped the fan favourite contemporary RnB classic ‘Explosions’ in August 2020. ‘Explosions’ is a sensual masterpiece. A song that beautifully recounts an intimate moment between lovers. He says the lovemaking encounter expressed in the song is the type that can only happen between two people who are thoroughly dedicated to pleasing each other. After the overwhelming support ‘Explosions’ received, Mr. S went on to drop two more singles ‘Hey’ and ‘Blue Days’ (Autumn Interlude) capping off 2020 with three strong singles that will certainly keep listeners ‘’sonigasmically’’ occupied and yearning for more.

‘’These three singles were just to test the waters and I have been very pleased with the reception. The goal is to get them to as many ears as possible as I work on completing my EP. Hopefully, I can put out a few more singles soon before the EP comes out’’, Mr. S said about his three singles and works on the debut EP he plans on releasing in the first quarter of 2021.

The journey has just begun for Mr. S and we can’t wait to see where his ship sails. Check out his music here:

Instagram: mr.smusicglobal Twitter: @Mr_Swrites Facebook: Mr. S YouTube: Mr.Smusicglobal

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Meet Playmaker$: The Hip-Hop Group Taking The Game By Storm



Playmaker$ is a Hip-Hop/Trap group based in Brussels, Belgium consisting of talented rappers, Kapri and Enitime. The partnership was born out of mutual admiration of one another spanning years. This inspired collaborations on some records which were received with critical acclaim.  

After the success of their initial collaborations, the pair heeded to the call from fans and decided to form the rap group, Playmaker$. Kapri and Enitime’s ideological similarities gives the duo a balance that will see Playmaker$ stay around for a very long time. Kapri who is a 25 year old Sierra Leonean rapper with Spanish descent has been strongly influenced by his city, his friends and his family over the years. His music and style mirrors the experiences he grew up on.

Enitime, a rapper and an entrepreneur of Gambia and Malian descent shares a similar journey. Both artists believe music goes beyond creating great sonic pieces. They believe that quality music has the power to make strong impacts on the culture and people around them and this guides their choice of lyrics, sound and everything that has to do with their creation process.

The sonic elements of their music however are smooth as the calm seas. Their melodious rap style will have you bumping your head and singing along simultaneously. Playmaker$ was founded in October, 2020. Their music can be described as a marriage of melody, real life experiences and sonic mastery – a style that captures their journeys as artistes and individuals expertly.

The group are currently working on a mixtape set to be released in 2021.  

Instagram: playmakers_101 Twitter: @playmakers_101 Facebook: Playmaker$

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Kapri Is The New Hip-Hop Powerhouse Ready For The Limelight



Artists come and go. Sometimes artists come in gold. Such is the richness in talent of the global music scene. And no one exhibits this rich vein of pure golden talent than Kapri.

At just 25, Kapri, the Belgium-based Sierra Leonean rapper with Spanish descent has already seen enough in life to carve him into a wonderful artist. As they say “an artist’s greatest arsenal is how well he can express his lived experiences” that is how originally in art is crafted. Kapri embodies this.  

When he was 19, Kapri had already began to show his promise; dropping music that shone with a unique style, panache and delivery. Being the perfectionist that he is, he believed he could take things up a notch so he took a break from music to work on perfecting his craft. A move that would prove to be a very smart one.

Now, the kid who grew up on Hip-Hop, Rap and RNB influences has become a man and he is ready for the limelight. The world is ready for him and he promises that we are going to see so much more of him presently and the future. Kapri is one of half of the emerging rap duo called, Playmaker$ with his friend and fellow rap star, Enitime.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited about Kapri and we want you to watch out for this absolutely remarkable Hip-Hop artist.  

Instagram: k_aprisun
Twitter: @hijodelsol232

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TIME IS NOW: Multi-talented Rapper, Enitime Next To Thrill Fans



They say time passes like a storm consuming things in it’s wake. The days go by, we see talents show up on the music scene. Some stand the test of time. Some don’t. One artist we are very sure about to take music scene by storm for a very long spell is Enitime.

Spanning over a decade, the Belgium-based rapper with Gambian and Malian descent has observed and learned everything about the music trade. Making music inspired by his home, his friends, his family, his city. All the right ingredients that create megastars who are in touch with their roots. Something that fans all over the world appreciate about their favorites. Almost akin to an NBA star in a match, Enitime has been in-out-and-back-into the game. He describes his break from music as a period in his life when his will to create was shaken. But now he is back and ready after a soul searching experience.  

The young rapper whose style is inspired by legends such as Jay Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Wizkid, Skepta, Drake amongst others says the world should expect music like they have never witnessed before from him. Enitime has been working behind the scenes on a couple solo projects with artist/producer, Laioung. He is also one half of the rap group called, Playmaker$ with counterpart and fellow emerging talent, Kapri. The duo have a mixtape in the works set to release in 2021.

Aside music, Enitime is also an entrepreneur having created a company called, Sonoros Vision whose goal is to unite authentic artists to real listeners. Enitime has two trademarks under the Sonoros Vision umbrella namely: GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE and FWRD MVMNTS. GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE is a successful clothing brand whilst the latter is an independent record label.

The journey has just begun for this rapper and entrepreneur and we are here for it.  

Instagram: enitime_sv Twitter: @Enitime_SV Facebook: Enitime

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Artist Profile

DJ Aroma, The Most Wanted DJ In Ghana



Breaking into the Ghanaian entertainment mainstream is one laudable thing to do but the next achievement is staying consistent. In Ghana, very few DJs are able to breakthrough and still stay consistent, keeping parties alive and making listeners enjoy and bop to songs from musicians. The best is yet to come from Radio and Television Presenters (RTP), Radio DJ of the year 2020 and when you hear his tag sound ‘Eaaaazy’, know that Ghanaian Disk Jockey, DJ Aroma is behind the turntables lightening up an event or show.

“I’ve always had mad love for music. From Singing and dancing, now Dj’ing which isn’t a big surprise to me .started Dj’ing immediately I had the virtual Dj software on my laptop in KNUST’s second year. I love everything music.”

DJ Aroma, christened as Collins Tetteh Nartey is a product of Koforidua Senior High Technical School where he was a dancer and singer in an acapella group. Later in his tertiary life at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), he was exposed to the act of mixing songs. Becoming better in his mixing caught the attention of friends and students in the University. He moved from mixing songs on VLC to mixing on Virtual DJ.

DJ Aroma in 2016 worked as a host and a DJ for the After Drive show on Yfm Kumasi. After three years with Yfm DJ Aroma moved to Pure Fm Ghana also in Kumasi where he hosts the after drive show, PureAroma.

In recognition of his fine works Dj Aroma multiple times has been awarded and sitting on his awards shelf is the 2020 RTP Best Radio DJ of the Year. This is his first RTP award yet as he climbs the ladder of success to secure more. He was nominated in the same category alongside DJ Black (Hitz FM), DJ Slim (Pure FM), Mr. Kaxtro (Ultimate FM), DJ Advisor (Happy FM), DJ Young Boy (Peace FM) and DJ Phletch (Okay FM).

Also to his credits, DJ Aroma won the Best DJ from Ashanti Region at 2019’s Ghana DJ awards. Dj Aroma currently has 6 nominations at the Ghana DJ Awards which is slated for Saturday, 21st November 2020.

“For me, creativity for my mixes comes from inwards. I like to challenge myself every time with something new and unexpected. I’m most creative when I work under pressure.”

DJ Aroma has got a couple of songs he has worked on with artists especially his single God Flow feat. Sarkodie, Medikal, Teephlow, RJZ and $pacely. “I have got a couple of Collaborations to be released, but will share with my fans at the perfect time. I am also looking at some works with Serani , Lila ike , Pa Salieu and others worth mentioning”, he said.

He has performed on bigger platforms in Ghana including that which featured international artistes like Cardi B, Rick Ross, Koffee, Kranium, etc. He is also the official DJ for the annual Detty Rave music festival in Ghana.

“My dream for the future is to make the world a better place through music, hence promoting Ghanaian music. Music is entertainment, music is medicine, and music is money.”

Keep listening and jamming to DJ Aroma’s mixes and watch how he rises in the industry.

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