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Kenya Hopes To Test 250,000 People For Coronav!rus By June.



NAIROBI, KENYA, April 26th, 2020/ Kenyan laboratories on the front line in the fight against coronav!rus are stepping up their preparedness.

At the Kemri Medical Research Institute in the capital Nairobi, researchers are tracking the virus with a range of newer equipment.

They are preparing samples in machines capable of testing several thousand people in a day.

“The beauty of the equipment is that it is high through input equipment which is able to test up to 960 samples in an eight-hour shift”, William Otieno, Research Assistant Officer at Kemri Medical Research Institute said.

Faster and more secure machine detections have accelerated daily testing.

“So far here in western Kenya, we cover western Kenya and part of south Rift. We have tested almost nine hundred samples and al of those we have released results, we have tried working really hard on our turnaround time, we try our best to make sure that our turnaround time is within twenty-four hours”, said Layton o. Onyango, Deputy Director and Molecular Virologist.

Kenya, which recently launched a major anti-COV!D-19 testing campaign, hopes to carry out nearly 250,000 tests by June.

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Bryan Acheampong Foundation Supports 600 Pregnant Women And 1,000 Infants In The MCH Project in Kwahu East District



The Bryan Acheampong Foundation (BAF) has today, 18th November 2020, launched its Maternal and Child Health Project which is a behavioral change project set out to improve the maternal and child health situation within the district. The launch took place at the Ankoma Community, in Kwahu.

The Maternal and Child Health situation in Kwahu East district of Ghana, though gradually improving, is still saddled with some challenges which hamper achievement of the goal to have mothers and children reach optimal health and to reduce mortality. Research conducted in the district recently indicated that, most women in the rural communities fail to attend antenatal care when necessary. Babies are mostly delivered at home and sometimes with the assistance of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs).

Factors accountable for low attendance at health facilities include the unreliable transportation system coupled with poor road network, high cost of transportation, high cost of delivery at the health facilities, the high number and cost of delivery items requested by the various health facilities and the inflexible modes of delivery adopted by the health facilities.

Based on these findings, BAF saw the need to augment governments efforts by introducing their Maternal and Child Health Project to educate and encourage pregnant women to attend the needed antenatal appointments and also ease the financial burden on them in order that they may be able to afford delivery at health facilities.

The BAF MCH Project has three components and focuses on three targeted groups as follows;

  1. Delivery packages for Pregnant women
  2. Complementary feeding for babies from 6 months old to 1-year
  3. NHIS Registration for babies from 3 months old to 1-year.

Records have shown that in 2019, Antenatal care (ANC) registrants numbered 2,433, number of mothers attended to by Skilled Birth Attendants were 1,253 and those that attended Child Welfare Clinics (CWC) stood at 10,610 within Kwahu East. With the implementation of BAFs project, the Foundation expects a 10% increase in the ANC registrations, a 12% increase in SBA patronage and another 10% increase in attendance at CWCs within a 2-year period.

Present at the launch were the Chief of Ankoma Community, Nana Amanenor Kodua II, the District Health Director Mr. Mutala Mohammed and the Director of Development for Bryan Acheampong Foundation, Mr. Frank Armoo.

The Director of Development made a humble request that the Chief and traditional leaders hold discussions with the various transportation unions towards the possible reduction of transportation charges for the pregnant women at the time of their delivery since high transportation costs count as a major factor deterring hospital and health center attendance.

The District Health Director, also highlighted anemia as a health condition that was predominant among pregnant women in the district. He spoke specifically to spouses and other relations of such pregnant women to take it upon themselves to ensure that these women visit the health facilities for the needed care and also to support them at home and ensure that they eat healthy foods to boost their overall health and reduce the risk of pregnancy associated mortality.

The Chief of Ankoma, Nana Amanenor Kodua II during the launch of the programme also reiterated that, beneficiaries should make sure that the various feeding items given them would be used for the purpose for which they were intended. He thanked the Foundation for the various interventions put in place to bring development to the district and particularly to the Ankoma Community who have benefited from not only this MCH Project, but also from the Thrift Shop Project targeted at granting the aged in the community free provisions and other essential items as well as the foundation’s Infrastructure Project currently underway involving the construction of a Kindergarten complex.

Each beneficiary was granted a large BAF branded weighing bag to be used for their health centre visits. Each bag also contained a number of essentials and items requested by health facilities for use during the delivery period.

It is part of the project plan to give out various feeding packages through the various stages of growth of the infant beneficiaries. This move by the foundation will eventually aid in reduction in malnutrition among infants.

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Sonotech Ghana Wrap Up A Month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign With Reviv Ghana



Reviv Ghana; a vitamin infusion and wellness company that believes in preventative healthcare in partnership with Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center organized a breast cancer awareness event where over 30 participants enjoyed a free breast cancer screening to wrap up the month long breast cancer awareness campaign.

Graced by Miss Health Ghana, Ohemaa Achiaa Agyekum and the contestants of Miss Health Ghana 2020, participants also had the opportunity to engage with a breast cancer survivor, Madam Philomina Assabill, Siran Mahama, the CEO of Reviv Ghana and Dr. Grace Buckman of Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center.

Madam Assabill who was diagnosed, treated and survived stage 3 breast cancer 2 years ago shared her story at the event.

“I had to go through the system and I had a bilateral mastectomy, I decided that I want both breasts removed,”

She advised everyone to examine their breast and do a mammogram (an X-ray of the breast) regularly for early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Buckman who also spoke at the event educated participants on what breast cancer is and the need to regularly examine the breast. According to her, the current Global Cancer Report 2018 mentioned about 2.8 million cases of breast cancer globally.

“… you realize that the cases are going up day in and day out, not only are the cases going up, but you realize people are also presenting very late and that’s why we do what we do,” she said.

Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center gave a 20% discount on ultrasound and 50% discount on mammogram to all participants.

The CEO of Reviv Ghana, Siran Mahama also emphasized on the importance of breast cancer awareness.

“it is very important to detect breast cancer in its early stages and that is why Reviv has organized a free breast screening in partnership with Sonotech.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.

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Camidoh Partners Sonotech To Begin Free Breast Cancer Screening Exercise [SEE PHOTOS]



In recognition of the hazardous state late detection of Breast Cancer put women through, Sonotech Medical And Diagnostic Center on tuesday began its free breast cancer screening exercise, an event which have so far witnessed ladies, including winner and other beauty pageants of the just ended TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful show.

Led by the project ambassador, Camidoh, the exercise is to aid the health institution leverage on established programmes and convening platforms to strengthen the community to reverse the rising incidence and mortality of breast cancer worldwide. It will also encourage more women to conduct regular self-examination of their breasts for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

The exercise is currently going on at the various branches of the hospital, Osu and Tema

See photos below;

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Camidoh Announced Project Ambassador Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Sonotech Medical And Diagnostic Center, have, on Thursday during the launch of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, unveiled Afro-pop musician Camidoh as the official ambassador who will serve as a gate-keeper to bring-in knowledge, and also strive to help build, sustain the capabilities and knowledge of the project which comes paired with other month-long activities to intensify the awareness of the disease.

The GB Recz signed artiste will lend his voice and use his platform to aid the health institution leverage on established programmes and convening platforms to strengthen the community to reverse the rising incidence and mortality of breast cancer worldwide. He will also encourage more women to conduct regular self-examination of their breasts for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Speaking in an interview with a team of media men, Medical Director at the Medical And Diagnostic Center, Dr. Grace Buckman said, over the past fours years, the health institution have been embarking on the breast cancer awareness campaign to disburse the right information regarding the disease, and to encourage screening culture amongst Ghanaians.

Asked if the health institution will cater for those infected after the free screening exercise, Dr. Grace Buckman revealed that, those who are less than 40 years will undergo a breast ultrasound scan at a discount of 50 per cent and those above the 40 years will undergo a mammogram surgery at a discount of 20 per cent, but however, if the cancer is being detected, the organization have surgeons who will take up the treatment modalities.

Camidoh reiterating the Dr. Grace’s statement urged the Ghanaian populace to use this opportunity to get tested for an early detection to prevent worst state. According to him, the situaton is becoming alarming despite advances in research, diagnosis and treatment, breast cancer continues to place a heavy burden on individuals, families and health care systems hence an early diagnosis is need for an early treamtment.

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