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“DON’T LEAVE ME: Nigerian Entertainer, Josh2Funny, Featured On American Portal – BUZZ FEED



People have been bringing their best wordplay for the “Don’t Leave
Me” challenge on TikTok, and it’s exactly the type of dry humor that’s
so silly, it’s actually brilliant.

It all started with an Instagram post from Josh Alfred, an entertainer from Lagos, Nigeria, who originally posted back in March.

“I was just playing around with the word ‘leaf’ and ‘leave’ in my pun skit. At the end of the video, my hype man Bello Kreb was shouting ‘Don’t leave me’ and that’s what people heard and picked it up. – he told BuzzFeed News

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Leave me alone @bellokreb #dontleaveme 😂😂😂😂😂 #dontleavemechallenge

A post shared by Josh Alfred (@josh2funny) on

In his short clip, the 29-year-old joked that he was “on leave” while
standing on a leaf, but it’s his camera operator and friend’s response
that has given the challenge its name.

“I think it was the way my hype-man Bello said ‘don’t leave me,’ is what made it funny and catchy for people,” said Alfred. “Coupled with the fact that puns are always engaging and a bit of a brain-tasking game, I think that’s what grabbed people’s attention and why people are giving it a try.”

The hilarious execution of the challenge has been re-created across
social media with friends and families all delivering their best play on
words, and Alfred is enjoying all of them.

He said;

“I’ve seen a lot that really impressed me, people are really intelligent.”

Nigerian entertainer regularly creates comedy sketches for his 1.5
million followers on Instagram, but the “Don’t Leave Challenge” is his
first moment to capture a global audience. Alfred is mindful of how
trends accelerate, sometimes leaving the originators far behind or
erased altogether.

“It’s bound to happen, but what I’m worried about really is another person taking the credit I deserve,” he said.

Alfred credits comedians like Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, and closer
to home, Basketmouth, as inspirations for his style of comedy, a gift he
discovered he had from a young age.

“I’ve always had the ability to make people laugh unintentionally and so everybody around me had been advising me that I should do comedy professionally.”

From church performances and the occasional party booking, Alfred was encouraged to take his talents online and has been growing his audience with consistent content, memorable characters, and now the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge.

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Kevin Hart Set To Play Four Hyper-intimate Shows



This week, the comedy superstar, Kevin Hart, will play four hyper-intimate shows at Monmouth Park’s Blu Grotto in Oceanport — an outdoor space with only 400 seats. Hart announced Friday he will hit the Jersey Shore small stage Sept. 3 and 4, two shows each night. The shows are organized by Count Basie Center for the Arts.

The last time Kevin Hart played New Jersey, he headlined a huge Prudential Center show before more than 15,000 fans. Tickets start at $101.50 go on sale Friday at noon on Ticketmaster. The Blu Grotto space comprises tables of two, four and six guests. Tickets are available in those same packages.

Hart, a Philadelphia native, has logged a list of comedy specials, monster tours, blockbuster films and TV appearances over the last 20 years.

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Netflix Present Filming Gadgets To Nigerian’s Internet Sensation, Ikorodu Bois



The online movie streaming giant, Netflix, has delivered tech gadgets to Nigeria’s internet sensation, Ikorodu Bois. The kids, who are famous for remaking movie clips and music videos, shared the news on Twitter.

The Twitter post showed the boys ecstatically showing off their presents which, at a glance, had the likes of a Voice Recorder, Camera, Boom Microphone, Tripods, iMac computer, and other tech accessories to help with future production.

Towards the end of June 2020, the boys, made up of four filmmakers – a team of brothers and cousins, Babatunde, 23, Muiz, 15, Fawas, 13 and Malik, 10, got international attention when they remade a trailer of Chris Hemsworth’s movie, Extraction.

Extraction, an action film starring ‘Thor’ star, Chris Hemsworth has become one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. It was directed by Sam Hargrave and written by the trio of Ande Parks, Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo.

The Ikorodu Bois creatively made use of props and sets that are not so complicated to fabricate as they used easily accessible stuff craftily to recreate the popular film’s multi-million-dollar teaser with little or next to no budget and posted it on Twitter and Instagram.

In the film’s original trailer, for instance, a scene of Chris Hemsworth jumping off a high cliff into a river is recreated by simply dropping a stone into a basin of water.

The scene where he sits in the water in a yoga position, as if in meditation; the boys remade it to show an actor sitting in a meditative position in what looks like a freshly dug gutter. Where Hargrave’s film used sports cars for fast-paced chase sequences, the Ikorodu Bois, instead, made do with a wheelbarrow.

In an interview with Hollywood Insider, the Russo Brothers spoke about what they loved about the recreation of the Extraction trailer by the Ikorodu Bois

“These are the future storytellers. They are us when we were kids, with dreams of making movies and telling stories to the world. They are so talented, clever, and driven. They have all the key elements to live out their dreams one day.”

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Insecure Star, Yvonne Orji, Makes Nigeria Proud In New HBO Comedy Special



Comedy and laughter, there’s nothing like it and thanks to Yvonne Orji we’ll be getting just that which is highly recommended and needed at the moment. Look, we recognize that these are probably the toughest times we as humanity have had to contend with in recent history but the continuous influx of bad news daily and with more people seemingly having a certain of flair for delivering it, is just, well, very depressing.

The world could use with a bit of joy, in fact there’s a lot of it needed currently. Enter the lovely Yvonne Orji, who thanks to HBO, officially has her first comedy special. For those familiar with the popular series, Insecure, will better know her as Molly. The special is all set for Showmax from tomorrow (6 July 2020) this followed after it first premiered on 1Magic last Friday (3 July 2020). Thanks to the Showmax team we got the opportunity to see it much much earlier.

In her first comedy special outing, Yvonne has the audience rolling with laughter as she brings her razor-sharp wit and confidence to the stage. Both celebrating and poking fun at her strict, formative Nigerian-American upbringing, Yvonne shares her unique journey from pre-med to comedy, talks about parental pressures to get married, and takes us along to Lagos to meet her family and friends.

It’s no secret how much we enjoy comedy and general laughter, comedy specials ensure the best of both. It’s also refreshing to see stand up comedy coming from a female instead of the usual suspects who are mostly male. Not to say there aren’t female comedians out there who have not done it, it’s just not as frequent as it should be.

Yvonne’s first comedy special is fresh and shot in a great way. The switch up between her actual performance and her home life in Nigeria is something we really enjoyed seeing, it helps give you insight into who she is and where she comes from in a genuine and authentic way. She’s also a natural in how she comes off in her performance which makes it hard to believe that it’s her first comedy special.

No doubt it’s the start of many more for her, remember the name Yvonne Orji, a proud African lady who is quickly making her mark on the international scene, in fact she has already. And if you want more from her then do also checkout her Backstories also from HBO.

Do yourself a favour and catch her comedy special, you will more than enjoy it. If you are especially looking for an escape away from the current state of things and depressing news then this is a great way to do so. Catch it on Showmax from tomorrow (06 July 2020).

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Josh2Funny Gives An Intense Break Down Of DJ Neptune’s Global Smash Hit “Nobody”



Nigerian comedian, Josh2Funny gives an intense break down of DJ Neptune, Joeboy & Mr Eazi’s global smash hit “Nobody”. Featuring this triple threat of talent, the atmospheric ‘NOBODY’ is produced by Neptune Records in-house producer Magic Sticks, and is the next single off Neptune’s yet to be released project tagged The Greatness II [Sounds of Neptune] after the successful release of the first single Tomorrow featuring Victor AD.

According to DJ Neptune, “When Joeboy voiced the hook on Nobody’s beat, I already knew it was hit even before delivering his verse. Immediately I buzzed Mr Eazi up and told him I wanted him on a record and He said sure to send me the beat. Eazi heard the song and didn’t estimate to jump on it and in no time his vocals were in. This is how we created Nobody.” “Nobody” is an Afrobeats-inspired take on Hip hop.

An accompanying music video for “Nobody” was released on the same day with the single and was directed by TG Omori. It’s a comedic video that pays homage to Michael Jackson‘s choreography.

“Nobody” received positive reviews from music critics and consumers. Enemanna Chidinma of “Blackcard Empire” gave “Nobody” an 8/10 rating, noting that “the length is too short for such a catchy tune”. An editor for SoundStroke gave “Nobody” an 8.0/10 rating, stating that “the bop will last for a long time”, while also noting that “the song is a scintillating major melody that resonates well”.

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