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Christopher John Rogers – Designer Of The Week!



Christopher John Rogers is quickly becoming a designer to watch. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, native and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate debuted his Spring 2019 collection last season to great acclaim. With a palette of brightly colored, feminine garments that echo his southern upbringing, Rogers’ intention is clear: to create a world of whimsy with his clothes.

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He described the collection as befitting “a deserted California beach that had a midcentury couture salon show on the beach, but on Mars.” Worn by male and female models alike with little regard for traditional gender norms, the clothes had color, volume, fantasy and a sense of humor.

Rogers, poised to be this season’s break-out designer has worked with the likes of Tanya Taylor, Rosie Assoulin, and Chris Benz. Despite the line not yet being his main source of income, Rogers’ pieces have already been seen on some of the hottest female celebrities, including Cardi B and SZA.

Designers & Models

MAISON HARDMAN/ The Designer Responsible For Despite’s Son Wedding Apparel



Ghanaian stylist and designer, with an IT and graphic design background by name Michael Kumi, CEO of Maison Hardman is the brain behind the apparel of Despite’s son and some dignitaries who were at the event. The media went agog this weekend over one of the most luxurious weddings in recent times, which displayed indigenous Ghanaian fashion, style and culture.

The designer confidently deserves the credit for Kennedy Osei’s luxury suit, that of Dr Osei Kwame Despite, his brother, Mr Sarpong, the page boy, and his four brothers whom some ladies cannot stop ”crushing” on. Kwame Despite and his brother Mr Sarpong wore blue suits to the most talked-about wedding

In a statement when contacted, Mr Kumi revealed, “for the past five years my passion for fabrics and styles have led me to do strictly men’s wear, mainly suits and caftans. “I have dedicated my time, energy and have invested a lot of time into fine-tuning my craft. What you see today is a testament of hard work and dedication.”

The brand Maison Hardman was born out of his love for cutting fabrics and stitching them together to make exciting clothes with fit-for-purpose designs that gave it relevance and emit light at any gathering. The daughter of Despite’s wedding in 2017 was one of the families events where his designs were on display, left-right-centre with class.

Asked why one of the richest families in Ghana will choose him, he stated that, ”Ken chose me because currently, I’m one of the best designers doing bespoke suites, styling grooms both locally and internationally.

Though in recent times consumers themselves are increasingly selective about what’s worth buying and what will have longevity in their wardrobes, Kumi’s works have won the hearts of many due to his craft and flamboyant finishing. His works have delivered value and satisfaction to reputable personalities and a couple of celebrities including Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Bola Ray, Trigmatic, Van Vicker, and George Britton among others.

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ANGELINA NANA AKUA ODURO/ The Model Behind The Iconic Akwaaba Portrait



GREATER ACCRA – GHANA, Sunday February 16, 2020/ – Angelina Nana Akua Oduro was a Ghanaian model in the 1990s whose iconic ‘Akwaaba’ photo has become a national asset symbolising Ghana’s hospitality globally. The photo was taken in 1993 and continues to feature on calendars, posters, hotels and in the homes of some prominent Ghanaians including presidents.

Angelina Nana Akua Oduro speaks for the first time in 20 years after the iconic photo was taken. Arguably the most popular model in Ghana, Angelina Akua Nana Oduro, became a household name over two decades ago, featuring on calendars, posters, hotels and in the homes of some prominent Ghanaians including presidents.

The iconic image, widely recognised as a symbolism of Ghana’s hospitality features Angelina adorn in regal Ghana Kente while holding a calabash with a flashing smile. Angelina Akua Nana Oduro’s photo, also touted as one of the country’s most iconic photos has been widely circulated since she first posed for the camera.

At a point within the over 20-year period, Angelina’s image was used as the front page of some exercise books which further imprinted her image in the minds of some school kids. The popular Ghanaian former model is arguably the country’s all-time most popular model by virtue of how widespread her iconic photo has been used and continues to feature on most platforms.

After over two decades of posing for the camera, with the least expectation of becoming a celebrated national figure, Angelina Oduro, earned her spot during major national event with the least effort. Her image had done the work years ago making her the face that welcomes people including some of the world’s most important people into the country during national events.

Angelina sat for an interview and revealed that she first took the photo in 1993 when she was still very young and had no expectation that her image would become a national asset. So much of an asset, her photo continues to be used and has crossed borders.

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CAX WKND FASHION SHOW/ Top Five African Fashion Designers You Should Know

Kenyan designer Peggy Onyango takes a fashionable bow after her runway show.



Day one of the Creative Africa Exchange WKND ended with a VIP gala and runway show. The CAX WKND Fashion Show and dinner took place in the Kilimanjaro Ballroom. Located within the 5-Star Kigali Marriott Hotel located in Avenue, Nyarugenge District. Guests enjoyed an impeccable a-la-carte dinner and catwalk show curated by Malawian designer Lilly Alfonso. VIP guests at the dinner party included Prof. Benedict Oramah, President of Afreximbank, Dr, Ransome Owan, Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, Rita Dominic and Enyinna Nwigwe. Not to mention the presence of Harvard Business School alumnus Chris Oshiafi Group CEO of PanAfrican Capital Holdings Limited.

The head of communications at Afreximbank welcomed the over 200 dinners, including sponsors, actors, producers, bloggers, media houses.

In 2019, Ayman El Zoghby, said at a press conference, that the CAX programme would involve a series of cultural events including a fashion show.

 CAX WKND Fashion Show
Malawian designer Lilly Alfonso in Lilly Alfonso ball gown. She designs under her eponymous label Lilly Alfonso


After her success at the IFA Award in Cairo, Egypt, Miss Alfonso teamed with the CAX team. Chiefly, to bring together five contemporary African Designers from across the continent on the runway. In line with the CAX WKND Fashion show, the event aims to transform the African creative economy. For the purpose of setting up a vendor showcase. Whereby buyers and sellers of goods can showcase and sell their products.

The designer presentations were the highlight of the dinner party. Not to mention electric performances by the African Cabaret arts and dance club as they entertained guest between runway episodes.


In essence, five of the best creatives from across the continent came together. Individually, they showcased their Haute, contemporary pieces and the diverse and growing fashion industry in Africa. Designers Peggy’O, from Kenya, Chizo Designs representing Zambia, Rwandese designer Karen Uwera brought in her (Karssh Collections). Maryland based Nigerian designer Uche Ibezue presented her O’Mak Designs likewise, Malawian designer Lilly Alfonso with her eponymous label.

Significantly, the designers presented their distinctive haute couture collection during the gala. From effortless evening dresses, playful details, sheer elegance, each designer showcased uniqueness and individuality. Their dresses were fun and eccentric with trademark silhouettes, plenty of drapes, capes, texturised fabrics and ball gowns.

Rwandese models from WeBest Models Management took over the runway. Sarah, talent manager, headed runway queens with top model Sissi Ngamije leading the catwalk.

Not only do we agree that the African fashion scene is thriving. But Also, Africa fashion is bold, vibrant and rich with culture. In effect, here are designs from the top five inspiring African fashion designers who have truly changed the course of the aesthetic world. Not to mention, these are the African designers who are the proud flag bearers of African Fashion.


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Designers & Models

“The Reality About Success And Attaining Higher Heights – Ghanaian International Model, Araba Sey Writes



GREATER ACCRA, GHANA, January 22, 2020/ – The science behind success,gathering wealth and attaining higher heights has remained a difficult sport for many people. It has prevailed as a benighted or an intellectual darkness especially to a lot of youth.

The road to success in the eyes of many inexperienced people seems to have been characterized by that of either a smooth or swift one hence many being urgently requiring to get there.

Innumerable people see it as a plain sailing title to acquire or a destination to easily arrive at yet many ride against tides and break through ceilings just to get there. For most people, it is always okay to acquire some clout or perceived social importance.

It is worth mentioning that most people do not bring to mind or strike a note on what goes into the period amid starting something and ending successfully. All that occurs to them is the beauty of its ending. The lack of enlightenment about success and the success of great people has led many to losing focus on themselves and their rightful purpose or abilities to following the dreams of others instead of theirs and being desirous or desperate to become successful overnight.

It is striking to wish to become like someone you admire but you tend to lose focus when you try to fit in their path instead of the path you are meant to be or follow what fits you. A path that may lead one to success may lead another to failure.

The cluelessness of the unpleasant escapades regarding attaining higher heights or gathering wealth has made people fail to see or realize what great people are subjected to before becoming successful. It is beguiling how some people think success can easily be achieved on a silver platter.You should critically observe that no one goes about showcasing their struggle,hustle,mistakes,failures or the great risks they had to take before getting to where they are. All you see are results.

These results are an exposition by these great people for inspiration,admiration and a sense of motivation to the public.All these are also attributes of Branding by these prominent people portraying a unique brand of themselves. Branding seeks to showcase perfection,admiration and class.

A show off of the risks,struggles and failures tends to put fear and despondency in people but the certainty is that a successful journey or story usually comes with a content of struggles,risks and failures. One who lapses always learns something new. Mistakes aren’t synonymous to failure but correction to perfection is synonymous to success. A great person you see today may have spent many years,a decade or more or taken a great risk to amass the wealth or gain the greatness he or she has today. Don’t be aching for overnight success.The price of success is customarily not pleasant.

There is toil,struggle,taking risks, being rejected or denied,hysterically seeking knowledge,failing once or twice or even more.Success also requires intense passion,dedication,patience,determination, perseverance and a positive mind.Success comes with a price. It becomes a present or a reward at your doorstep after paying the price.

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