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BAMBAYA FIRE: SSUE Set To Premiere A Skillfully Executed Highlife EP



The question never was if Neo-Highlife singer/songwriter SSUE would last long enough on the scene to bring out her own collection of songs, it was rather when and how well such material would be packaged and presented to the public.

Well, here she is now with a skillfully executed six-track EP called Bambaya Fire which makes pleasant listening and adequately proves that Highlife still contains within its domain, songs capable of challenging and enchanting new generations of musicians and listeners.

The young lady obviously belongs to the crop of contemporary artistes who appreciate the need to relook the solid building blocks put in place by earlier maestros and take the music to new levels. That’s why the introductory track, Bome Nkomode, employs the powerful rhythmic vehicle of Yaa Amponsah guitar licks which blend well with some tight well-balanced horn phrases and David Aidoo’s articulate bass lines.

She offers a good display of tone and technique with her vocals on the song and the featured act, Highlife great Pat Thomas’ excellent command of phrasing in the Highlife mode almost lifts the track to the status of a modern classic.

The initial percussion and bass-accompanied hand claps on Baa Sumo Mi bring a danceable feel to the song. It is a romantic track that quickly moves listeners to snap their fingers, tap their feet or simply let themselves go on a dance floor. It generally shows off the backing instrumentalists as a bunch of players who generate tremendous enthusiasm and spirit to help SSUE soar with her vocals.

The liveness of the recording session, as against some quickly-programmed computer sounds, is appropriately felt in Boom Boom Bang Bang, especially through the power and punch of the horn trio comprising Ekow Mbrah Otchere (saxophone), Luis Emmanuel Gyima (trombone) and Joseph Amankwa Twum-Baah (trumpet). Guitarist Apau Samuel Awuku also plays smartly and tastefully on the track.

Songs by the late globally-acclaimed South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, have been subjected to interpretation and reinterpretation over the years. SSUE adds her name to the tall list of admirers with a lilting Highlife version of Market Place. Drummer Emmanuel Addai makes use of his whole set in a way that would have grabbed the great Masekela himself to dance to the track.

SSUE can well be proud that though her big agenda is to give a fresh tang to Highlife, she manages to cook it with a variety of flavours which make it a pleasure to devour. Should I has a slightly mellower tone than the other tracks but it still pulls in the listener to acknowledge the young singer’s sense of arrangement.

SSUE’s musical cosmos is expansive and surely accounts for her neat appropriation of the Bambaya rhythm from the Northern Region of Ghana which she delicately blends with ‘pinches’ from Osibisa’s famous Fire song for her Bambaya Fire track. Percussionist Michael Laryea has room to showcase skills that accentuate the lively rhythm. Keyboardist Godbless Buabin lays an unobtrusive layer of sounds for all to step on and shine brightly.
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The Bambaya Fire collection has a good deal of substance that affirms SSUE’s conviction that vast imagination and enough artistic flair are key elements in this game of making catchy music that’s accessible to a wide cross-section of the public.

What’s offered on her Bambaya Fire EP is fun for listening and also fun for dancing. That’s not a bad combination. It is something to have if you like happy, progressive music rendered in the great Highlife tradition!

The EP was recorded at Black Note Studio in Accra, Ghana. It was produced by Lahai Samurai (Sierra Leone) and Mobeatz Bangr (Chicago, USA). It was mixed by Zapp Mallet (Ghana ) and mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik in Dusseldorf, Germany. Kofi Amoakohene and Henry Holdbrook-Smith were the Executive Producers.

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Apple Music’s Oldman Ebro co-signs Ghanaian Artiste, Mike Akox



Kojo Ebro ‘aka’ Oldman Ebro is not a cheap name when it comes to the music streaming market in recent times. For him to endorse Mike Akox on his show is a very BIG Spotlight!

Mike Akox, Australia based Ghanaian Afrobeats Singer who dropped a latest single “Florence” got featured on Dj Ebro’s playlist on Thursday, October 22nd. Not only did he feature the song but also tweeted this (below) about the new record.

With 15 years plus in Australia, Mike Akox isn’t just a lover of music but born into a family of music aficionados. He has been on the music journey consistently (from abroad) since 2010.

Mike Akox was officially introduced to the Ghanaian & West-African music market with the now world-renowned “Spectacular” which was released earlier this year.

“Florence” is the follow up single from his debut EP titled “Patience” which is starting to generate quite a buzz. Patience EP is set to be released in November 2020 to high anticipation.

Stream Here:

Listen on Boomplay Music:

Kindly follow him on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @MikeAkox.

(Source: Elorm Beenie)

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GHANA/ Pzeefire Joins #EndSarsProtest, Dedicates “Suffer Suffer” To Nigerians



Afro Fusion artist David Ayuba a Nigerian musician based in Ghana known in showbiz as Pzeefire has added his voice to the #EndSARS #EndSWAT protest going on in Nigeria by dedicating his song “Suffer Suffer” to affected victims and all departed souls who lost their lives prior to brutalities.

As a musician I believe music can be a useful tool in resolving conflicts and misunderstandings and artists like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Femi Kuti and other great musicians have used it in the past and I believe “Suffer Suffer” will be a great tool today as well. Nigeria and Africa have come a long way to be resolving issues through violence and I believe round table discussions by leadership should be the option at all times.

The #FIRE hit maker believes Nigeria has what it takes to resolve its problems and therefore quick measures should be put in place to curb any form of violence that will lead to the loss of lives. The voice of the people is the voice of God so if the people say #EndSARS, #EndSWAT then it means #EndSARS & EndSWAT.

Nigeria is a democratic country and not a Police State therefore any form of Police Brutality should NOT be entertained. Tell me, how do you form a security group that is unconstitutional and use it to brutalize innocent citizens just because of their looks? That’s primitive and undemocratic and shouldn’t be encouraged.

“I’ll also like to call on ECOWAS and the AU to quickly step into this issue before what is currently happening in Lekki spreads into other parts of Nigeria. If there is chaos in Nigeria, one of the countries that will directly be affected negatively will be Ghana because of our close relationship and therefore with Ghana as the ECOWAS Chair I believe President Nana Akufo Addo will quickly call on his counterparts to find a quick solution to it just like they recently did with the Mali Crisis.”

“I strongly believe Africa needs each other in times like this and it’s my dream to see Africa as One with Possibly One President in the Near future. Nothing is Impossible and we know that Together As One we can Achieve Greatness, Pzeefire told BeenieWords in an exclusive interview.”

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“My EP Is To Present A Globalized Version Of African Culture” – Rocky Dawuni Reveals As He Shares Album Cover



GRAMMY nominated Afro Roots Songwriter/Singer, Producer and activist, Rocky Dawuni, is releasing a brand-new EP on October 30, 2020 entitled “Voice of Bunbon Vol. 1” The EP is available TODAY for Pre-Save & Pre-Order at:

The new EP comes on the heels of his most recent full-length album “Beats of Zion” (2019) which received tremendous acclaim around the globe and featured five incredible music videos filmed in Ghana, India, the US and beyond.  Rocky’s move back to his home country of Ghana is evident in this latest offering which explores contemporary aspects of local music in a creative quest to extend its global appeal.

According to Rocky, “these new songs were born out of my desire to present and project music that is rooted in the deep cultural traditions of Ghana yet presented in way that it can relate to the modern world. Bunbon is my home town in Northern Ghana. My musical career has always been firmly inspired by my upbringing in the royal family of Bunbon and being educated in the indigenous ways. This exposure to cultural appreciation has served as an important part of my world view and musicMy vision for this EP is to present a globalized version of African culture. It also represents my maturity over the years as a voice for social consciousness. In a time of uncertainty, we need songs and hymns that can touch our emotional nerve and remind us that love and hope are an indestructible aspect of the human experience that no amount of fear can take away.” 

Rocky’s latest offering explores the diversity of his “Afro Roots” sound fusing modern and traditional musical trends in Ghana and across the continent. “Voice of Bunbon” is a diverse sonic experience with songs ranging from acoustic to beat driven anthems to cultural explorations utilizing aspects of Afrobeats, Highlife, Reggae, Soul and Pop and beond. The inspirational words to the songs focus on love, resilience, faith, joy and hope. Running through the EP is a theme of empowerment, urging the listeners to think critically on current issues.

**To request a Press Preview / Listening Link to the EP: please reach out to Cary Sullivan at

Please follow Rocky at:

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GHANA/ Sadiq Fires Ghanaian Musicians



Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdullai Abu has admonished Ghanaian musicians to also concentrate on how structures of the music industry works rather than seeking personal glory with their brands and careers.

“Most importantly we need to begin to drive the industry from a certain insightful conversation..It is a 360 industry”. He said on Daybreak Hitz on October 20, 2020.

He also revealed that although there may be a finger pick of Ghanaian musicians doing well with their respective careers, it’s not enough and does not represent the true reflection of how our music industry should be.

“Talents always get to think that…. them them.. when this part begin to hit small hit it, hit it and then they wake up to realize that all these things that should be in the echo system to support us is not there and they begin to shout there is no structure in the industry”.

The event organizer who has got a strong connection to the Ghanaian entertainment pipeline further stated that “when people were building the structures, you were looking to your own gain and then when you wake up and realize that there are other things in the echo system to support the growth that you’ve become, you begin to decry about it”.

Elucidating on what he meant by lack of structures in the industry, Sadiq said “structures includes these various different companies in the value chain..not just talent.. If we run our industry on talent alone we wake up to realize that all these things that should be there to power them or continue to keep them at the top is not there”.

For some time now, musicians have themselves tried to organize their own events but most were a total fiasco “so it forces them to begin to want to do it themselves and it creates problems”.

(Story by: Rof Roc/beeniewords)

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